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How far will you go for the one you love? This is my first book so be easy on me please!
Chapter 1

The wind was blowing fiercely, cars were honking loudly, and people where shouting intensely. His head was spinning; it felt as if it was going to bust. Andre, a young, tall, handsome man, had just lost his job. Rent was due in a week and he had just spent his last check on his car payment. He didn’t know what to do. He was walking on the busiest street in Michigan to look for another job. Andre thought he was going to have a panic attack then he saw her standing amidst the entire afternoon ruckus looking absolutely gorgeous.

His focus left his headache and was strictly on the girl. She wasn’t that short, not too tall either, but just the right height. Her long brown hair came a little more than halfway down her back, slightly showing a nice summers tan that in turn, set off her amazing eyes. Andre watched as her expression went from happy-go-lucky to frightened and confused. He could see the muscles tense in her body as she picked up her pace; moving franticly throughout the crowed afternoon sidewalk. Andre decided to search the crowd to see if he could see who it was who upset this beautiful young lady. So far, he found nothing.

All of a sudden a man popped out of nowhere, grabbed the girl, and threw her into a nearby van. Andre was speechless; he had no idea what he should do. He wasn’t too far from his car, so he jumped in and followed the van where the girl was being held kidnapped. He couldn’t tell you why he was following the van instead of calling the cops. Probably because it would take them way too long to get there and he didn’t know where the van was headed anyways.

Keeping his distance, Andre followed the van with half his attention on the van and the other half on the road. He watched as the van put on its signal to exit off the highway, as he did the same. They drove another two blocks when he saw the van yet again put on its signal to pull into the nearby gas station. Andre did the same.

Andre pulled up to the gas pump as the van pulled up to the store and the occupants piled inside. After he was finished pumping the gas, he headed into the store, glanced at the beautiful girl, then walked into the back isle to get a snack. Andre wasn’t hungry at all, but he needed to stall a bit to see if he could get any information on the girl and why she was being held captive. He was casually looking around and overheard the conversation that was being held at the front counter.

“Mikes, my man, how’s it going?” said a tall husky man to the man behind the counter.

“Oh it’s goin’ ‘bout as good as it can get in a place like this. Who ya got there with you this time, Charley?” asked Mikes the cashier.

“This here,” Charliey began as he moved his hand down to the girl’s hip and pulled her close to him, “ this here is Ms. Blair Kendall. She’s my future wife,” Charliey said as he finished with a big cheekiest grin.

This Charliey guy looked way too old to be Blair’s husband. By the look on her face, she wasn’t at all happy about the whole idea either. The two friends carried on a conversation about their recent earnings, losses, relationships, and much more. Blair stood there constantly looking at the door hoping to make an escape.

“Honey,” Blair started with the sweetest, most gentle toned voice, “I’m gona wait in the van. It’s been a long day.”

She flashed the cashier a smile then turned and headed towards the door. Before she could even get to the door, Charliey grabbed her and told her she would wait for him. He said that she, being his wife, would stand by him at all times. He flashed Blair a warning look that said you better stay put or else. Bair knew Charliey wasn’t the guy to mess with so she simple said okay and then kissed him softly on the cheek.

Andre could tell Charliey was about to melt. Looks as if Blair knew just how to get the soft side of Charliey. He slipped past them, paid for his gas and snacks, and then headed to his car. By the time he got all settled in his car, they were all loaded back into the van. Within a few minutes the van started to make its way back onto the busy highway. Andre waited a few minutes then he headed out after the van.

The van drove on and on while Andre followed. They were on the road for two miles; the traffic was heavy and it was real dark. Finally, the van turned off and headed to what looked like an abandoned house. The drive way was long and took the van a few minutes to get from the highway to the house. Andre pulled over to the side of the highway, sat , and waited to see what was going to happen next.

Charliey, Blair, and a couple other guys got out of the van and headed into the house. Within a few minutes the lights came on inside the house and then the men came back outside. Blair was not with them this time, but they got into the van and headed back towards the highway. Once they were completely out of sight, Andre drove closer towards the house. He parked his car out of sight and headed into the house.

Andre was at the back door; he opened it slightly to see if he could hear anything, which he couldn’t. He opened it the rest of the way and walked in. He closed it quietly behind him, looked around the room, and then continued his way throughout the house. Room after room he found nobody, not even Blair. He kept moving slowly until he walked into a master bed room where he finally saw Blair tied up to a bed. She started to scream but then stopped short because she realized it was no use; they were the only two in the house and probably for a few miles as well.

Slowly Andre moved closer to the bed to see if he would be able to untie the knots that held her hostage. He sat down in a chair next to the bed and began to untie the knots. Blair shifted her body to the other side of the bed, as if she felt he was dangerous. Andre knew she was scared so he decided that he better let her know he was here to help. “Hey. I bet your wondering what I’m doing here. My name is Andre. I saw you downtown today and couldn’t help but stair.” Andre could feel himself blush, but he went on. “I saw that guy grab you and push you into the van. I followed you guys to the gas station and here. I have no idea why I just didn’t call the police, but I felt they would be too late and I wanted to help,” he finished rather quickly; the girl’s beauty had him so nervous.

“Oh, I thought I noticed you. It must have been at the gas station. I really appreciate you coming all the way out here just for me. You are real brave. Those guys are very dangerous and I don’t want you to get mixed up in their mess. Do you think you could take me home? I want to leave before they get back,” Blair finished as a smile formed upon her face.

Andre smiled. He finished untying her then helped her get out of the bed. He led her to his car, opened the door, then got in on his side and drove off. He drove the two miles back into town; the ride was awkwardly silent. Andre was determined to find out more about why this man had taken Blair. “So Blair, about this guy, shouldn’t you go to the police? I mean wont he come find you again?”

“Oh no, going to the police wouldn’t do any good; tried that before. Besides he’s my sisters ex- she dumped him two years ago and he has been harassing me ever since. Now I see why she dumped him, he is crazy! He’ll do anything to get…what he wants. He wants me and said he wouldn’t stop ‘til he had me.”

They pulled up to Blair’s big, two story house. The lights were off in all but one room which looked like to be the den. The porch light was left on as well. Nothing was said between the two young people until Blair unbuckled her seat belt and got ready to get out. Andre quickly said, “Well there’s nothing you can do about this guy? Nobody will help you? I’m sure you have friends who would be glad to help, or your boyfriend?” flashing a look of deep concern.

Blair looked at him with sad eyes and said, “I have one friend, but she has an over controlling boyfriend who never lets her hang with me. And my boyfriend dumped me two months ago.”

“Oh. I’m so sorry Blair.”

“Its fine, you didn’t know. Besides, he cheated on me anyway. Enough questions about me, what is your girlfriend going to say about you staying out late helping some strange girl get home?” Blair teased.

“Ha. I don’t have a girl. It’s just my little sis and I. She’s staying at a friend’s house tonight so I have nothing to worry about.”

“In that case, do you wana maybe go some places with me for awhile? Just in case Charliey comes around again?” Blair asked with a sweet grin.

“Sure thing Blair, I’d love to. Just give me a call any time you need me to come with you,” Andre said as he wrote his number on Blair’s hand. Blair kissed Andre on the cheek then got out of the car and headed up to her house.

Once she went in, Andre pulled off and drove home. His thoughts were on her the whole way home. She was so beautiful and seemed half way decent. Something about her pulled him to her. He wasn’t sure if he should let whatever was pulling him keep pulling for fight back. Andre couldn’t tell if there was any chemistry between the two or if it was all in his head. What he was sure of, was Blair’s heart has been broken and yet to heal. He wanted to be the one to mend her pain and heal her broken heart; the only question was would she let him in?

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