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An epic tale of 5 soldiers involved in a war between humanity and a powerful alien race.
In the depths of space, a war rages on between humanity and a powerful alien race called the Taetrens. Peace becomes more and more like a wistful dream with each casualty, with each battle won or lost. There is no end in sight.

The battlefield calls to some. It is here where one man looks for his death, but finds love instead. New light abates his tortured soul, but challenges he now faces create a personal Hell.

The battlefield still haunts some. The escalating war forces a young couple out of retirement. Their worst fears are met when they must use their unprecedented skills once more.

The battlefield teaches some. A young ace unlocks new things about his own abilities and his own heart. In his journey, he encounters the strength of love, the destruction of deceit, and the rarity of forgiveness.

These lives are interwoven into an epic tale. This is their story.

This is a work in progress and updates will sometimes be slow.

Special thanks to the anonymous person who gave me an upgraded membership and to all who have been reading/reviewing so far!

8/9/09: Check out my illustration for the story: "Ice and Phoenix over Stars
1/22/12: Sorry for the long wait but Chapter 10 has finally arrived.

Hope you enjoy *Smile*.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chapter 1: Fly Me to the Moon 16.90k
Chapter 2 Chapter 2: Angel in the Dark 15.45k
Chapter 3 Chapter 3: To Free a Phoenix 16.00k
Chapter 4 Chapter 4: Brothers and Secrets 14.30k
Chapter 5 Chapter 5: Rendezvous in Kozar 20.35k
Chapter 6 Chapter 6: Imperial Victoria 20.27k
Chapter 7 Chapter 7: Kedalion's Flight 34.58k
Chapter 8 Chapter 8: Encounter in Vinci I 27.96k
Chapter 9 Chapter 9: Falling Shadows 20.70k
Chapter 10 Chapter 10: Before the Storm 20.42k
Chapter 11 Chapter 11: Lost in Space 26.26k

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