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Rated: E · Book · Gothic · #1569301
In the middle of the night, a young girl sees a young boy outside her window.
Deeply asleep in her bed was Rose. Rose was 15-years-old and lived in a huge house with only her mother. It was late on the Friday night. Nearly midnight. Rain was pounding against the roof of the house and the harsh wind caused the trees to blow, causing frightening shadows to cast across the room. A loud crack of thunder imediantly woke Rose. She sat up in the bed, wiping her eyes and yawning.
The flashes of lightining outside drew her to the window. The lightining fascinated her. As she was watching the sky in awe, a dark figure appeared in the yard.
The figure was tall, slim, and definitely a male. He, of course, was beautiful. Dark hair lay ontop his head, sticking to his cheeks and neck from the wet rain. His skin was pale and his eyes, an innocent blue.
At first, Rose didn't see him. She was too preoccupied by the lightining. Finally, her gaze dropped to the ground; to the boy. He looked up, pushing his wet hair out of his eyes.
Rose gasped but the boy smiled. He had a perfect smile. His white, sharp teeth gleamed in the dark. The closer Rose looked at the boy's smile, the quicker she noticed something horrific. Two teeth, sharper and larger than the rest stuck out. Fangs. They were fangs.
Rose, who'd read enough of your average vampire fiction, knew right away that her nightmares and dreams had finally come true.
She fainted.

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