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Rated: 18+ · Book · Relationship · #1570691
Jess wants to meet Jen, but Jen doesn't want to have anything to do with her relatives
This story just started writing itself and I don't know where it will all end up. Hopefully I'll keep writing, since I'm curious how this will end. :)

If you read it and like it I'd appreciate any suggestions on direction. If you didn't like it, could I ask one favor from you: tell me what you didn't like, If it's not your type of genre: thanks for reading, have a nice day :)

This is just the first draft, I'll remove the kinks after I've written the final words: The End.

This is the outline (or back cover) for the book so far:

Jessica Jennings is just your average normal girl. She's maybe more on the boring side than on the popular side, but she doesn't care about that. The only thing she cares about is getting - and staying, for that matter - in contact with her cousin Jen.

Jen, nickname for Rebeccah Jennings, is hard, some times ironic and tries to stay as far away from her relatives as possible. She has her own reasons and she does not share them easily.

Indrid Cold is one of the Cold brothers. He's slightly supernatural and claims to be younger than the years of experience he exhibit. Jen is the only person he puts up with longer than 20 minutes and that made them a team.
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#1. Chapter 1: Jen
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