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by Kitt
Rated: 13+ · Book · Romance/Love · #1627737
This is a story about finding ones self, hope and true love in the least likely of places.
I am still writing this novella but what there is finished is here for you to read. I do edit what I have periodically since this is a VERY rough draft. I wanted to write about the how the wounds and scars we collect in our lives affect all our decisions and how we see ourselves. I took those internal scars and put them on the outside. The way we act is remarkably similar regardless of whether our wounds are internal or external. At some point or another, if we want to have a meaningful full life, we must all face those wounds of old and accept them and ourselves allowing others into our lives and hearts. As long as there is hope there is life.
Entry # 1 Chapter One: Awakening 26.97k
Entry # 2 Chapter Two: Visitor 16.70k
Entry # 3 Chapter Three: 11.52k
Entry # 4 Chapter Four: Mark 3.71k
Entry # 5 Chapter Five: 19.98k
Entry # 6 Chapter Six: 4.98k
Entry # 7 Chapter Seven: Not a Date! 22.89k
Entry # 8 Chapter Eight: 3.44k
Entry # 9 Chapter Nine: 17.80k
Entry # 10 Chapter Ten: 4.07k
Entry # 11 Chapter Eleven: 13.20k
Entry # 12 Chapter Twelve: 24.75k
Entry # 13 Chapter Thirteen: 15.94k

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