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Rated: 13+ · Book · Sci-fi · #1640955
Two children from different planets form an unexpected friendship. WIP...
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    "It was straight from science fiction, one of the great immortal genres. We have wondered since the beginning if we are truly alone in the universe, if there is life somewhere out there, if the infinite blackness serves only as a confining shell of loneliness. Trillions of dollars were devoted to expanding this premise, either through scientific research or the entertainment industry. And yet, for all the planning and speculation, we were totally unprepared for the genuine article: extraterrestrial intelligence."

-N.C. Fleming, “A Chronicle of First Contact”

Ten years have passed since first contact between humankind and the Eraknians. Ten years of apprehension and resolution. Ten years of tension and peace. As a gesture of good will, the United Nations Interplanetary Affairs Council (IAC) agrees to host a dozen Eraknian students in the first ever interstellar exchange program.

As the daughter of a prominent Eraknian scientist, Kirya is uprooted from her traditional upbringing and travels to Earth. Her chiefest mission: make at least one human friend.

Nero has always felt powerless against the world. A cynical introvert, his hope is rekindled when his school is chosen to receive several alien students. This might just be the catalyst he needs to get his life on track.

Yes, things are going to be very different at Monte Vista High School this year....

"Naikuno Glossary
Abridged reference of Eraknian words and names.

Music, composed by BD Mitchell  :
"Serak'in" - The main theme
"Kirya" - Kirya's theme
"A Wary Alliance" - Trust doesn't come easy
"Ve'in riré kirjaiga" - ("We Shall Never Die") - The assembly performance
"Square One" - Kirya and Nero finally meet
"The Learning Curve" - A montage of cultural exchanges
"Mob Mentality" - Fear is contagious....
"Symbiosis" - A moment of epiphany
"Fleeing the Compound" - The world on fire....
"Groundswell" - A wave of international support
"Resolution" - The finale, and a hopeful future
"The Moon and I" - Kirya's recital poem from Chapter 1

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