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from Nanowrimo 2010 comes the complete published novel: Love. Honor. Trust. Sacrifice.
This book began as my Nanowrimo project for 2010, written for fans of Off The Moon who asked for more of Daws, Ryan's bodyguard. It was meant to be a quick write, in which I would write the whole first draft of around 60-70,000 words and then go back and edit it over a month or two.

Yes, well, Daws' story was bigger than that. He had too much to say. I got in around 95K during November, which was the first draft. Then I went back and finished it, filling it the necessities until it hit about 150,000 words. After the rewriting and editing and proofing and circling back to do more rewriting, editing, proofing, Moondrops & Thistles was published in July 2011. It's a story of the heart, although originally meant for the fans.

Here's my description of this book from back in November 2010 when I began to post it here:

*Yawn**CoffeeR* *Starstruck*
This is my seventh year of trying to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days during November [http://www.nanowrimo.org]. I've made it all but the first year, which was still a valiant effort at 30K. The secret: Think You Can! (and maybe give up most of television for the month - not really so hard to do).

My story this year revolves around Daws, a recent vet about to leave the service for a new path, and Deanna, a highly charged independent woman who has trouble with judgment when it comes to men. Both are supporting characters for my 2009 release, Off The Moon. The character of Daws made quite the impact on readers, so I decided to bring out more of his story, which also adds to the backstory of Off The Moon.

My plan so far is to put this one out entirely as a free read novel in ebook format only, with a few limited print copies for those who insist (can't give those out free, other than for promo, sorry). Since it will be free, anyway, I figured I'd keep the whole process open (or most of it, since following my edits would be boring) and put the first draft here as I write it.
*Music1*: [A free read is still copyrighted. You can come here to read and send your friends, but please do not copy and send along elsewhere!]

My Nanowrimo page: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/60354
Off The Moon at WDC: "Invalid Item
Off The Moon official website: http://www.lkhunsaker.com/OffTheMoon/story.htm

Well... I didn't make it a free read ebook only. Too much additional work went into it. There was too much interest in a print edition. I am leaving the original files here of the first draft. If it captures your interest, please consider finding the full version.

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Love. Honor.


Daws, aka Sergeant Fred Dawson, U.S. Army, is a determined and highly respected leader. Called to serve in Desert Storm, he performs two impromptu rescue missions and manages to bring all of his men back home. While still haunted by the cost of his actions, he loses the most important person in his life, in an accident for which he feels partly responsible.

Deanna Meyers has had it with men. As far as she's concerned, there isn't a true loyal and honest gentleman left in New York City. In the mids of trying to advance in the world of advertising where the men in charge are more interested in her other attributes than in her skills, she finds herself in another destructive relationship, this time to the possible detriment of her career.

When they run into each other at a bus stop in the pouring rain after midnight. Daws and Deanna recognize the spark of a connection that draws them in the way they are both drawn to the city lights at night.

Moondrops & Thistles
LK Hunsaker


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Entry # 25 Day 25 13.21k
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Entry # 30 Day 30: THE END! 26.23k

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