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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
A very fast paced story of mine that I wrote after I got over my nerves of getting back in the saddle. I wanted to provide a twist by having May's best friend Jane die because of something that happened at a party and i figured that making the boys that held the party wealthy. I hope you enjoy this. I must say that it's fairly rough because of the amount of time that I wrote it in. I'm very proud of this piece of work. Please review and rate I love constructive critizism!
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 One 35.02k
Chapter 2 Two 23.06k
Chapter 3 Three 7.71k
Chapter 4 Four 9.73k
Chapter 5 Five 9.46k
Chapter 6 Six 5.74k
Chapter 7 Seven 11.92k
Chapter 8 Eight 11.14k
Chapter 9 Nine 6.95k
Chapter 10 Ten 12.59k
Chapter 11 Eleven 9.57k
Chapter 12 Twelve 10.09k
Chapter 13 Thirteen 3.68k
Chapter 14 Fourteen 11.92k
Chapter 15 Fifteen 4.53k
Chapter 16 Sixteen 3.23k
Chapter 17 Seventeen 7.64k
Chapter 18 Eighteen 6.82k
Chapter 19 Nineteen 2.34k
Chapter 20 Twenty 3.71k
Chapter 21 Twenty One 4.09k
Chapter 22 Twenty Two 2.30k
Chapter 23 epilogue 4.92k

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