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This book deals with some integral concepts that are necessary to understand algebra.
Author Biography:
The author, Claude H. A. Simpson ‘Teachzz' is a product of the College of Arts, Science and Technology (CAST) now known as the University of Technology (UTECH); University of the West Indies (UWI) and Nova Southeastern University (NSU). At CAST he studied industrial technology – construction. At UWI he studied natural sciences and education and at NSU he studied mathematics and education at the graduate level and instructional technology at the postgraduate level.
Claude Simpson is an optimist and a realist. He strongly believes in life-long learning ‘the triple l’s’. He was acknowledged by Dr. Donald P. Ely in his book, Trends in Technology, 2000; for assisting with research on topics in technology at NSU. Claude Simpson has been teaching mathematics for more than twenty five years both at the high school level and the college level. He is a former lecturer of the Saint Joseph’s Teachers’ College, the College of Agriculture, Science and Education and the International  University of the Caribbean -- Jamaica, West Indies. He also taught at Kingston College, Guy’s Hill High School and Kingston Technical High School - Jamaica, West Indies. In the USA he taught at Archbishop Curley Notre-Dame High School – Miami, Florida and Saint John’s High School – Charleston, South Carolina.
Claude Simpson is particularly fond of the topic ‘numeration’ but spends most of his time doing calculus. He has some unpublished writings which will soon be out to the public. Among the forthcoming materials are; the Technologies of Our Era, Basic Concepts of Geometry, Basic Concepts of Trigonometry and Basic Concepts of Calculus.

This book is dedicated to my dear wife Yvonne, my children: Moy, Zoie and Kino and grandchildren: Jaden, Cassie-Ann, James Jr., Justin and Kristen. I would especially like to thank my son, Hanif A. Simpson ‘Kino’ for typing and proof reading. I would also like to thank my wife, Yvonne J. Simpson for her moral support and her constant encouragement.

Book Summary:
This book, Basic Concepts of Algebra, deals specifically with the integral and core concepts of algebra; those are absolutely necessary to understand the subject. Any attempt to study algebra without the inclusive concepts and contents of this book may be rather troubling and will impinge negatively on further work on elementary, intermediate and advance algebra. It is advisable that the chapters be studied sequentially by the learner. The learner should go through all the examples, do chapter exercises and attempt all summary exercises.

Book Description:
Basic Concepts of Algebra is an excellent refresher for algebra. It is also an indispensible reference book re-definitions, theory and steps in solving algebraic problems. It covers a wide range of the necessary concepts and content that will help the learner to develop a good background so as to waltz through algebra. The book has twelve chapters: Numbers; Algebraic Expressions; Indices 1, Roots and Radicals; Indices 2; Equations 1; Equations 2; Inequalities; Factorization; Quadratic Equations; Graphing; Solving Systems of Linear Equations and Logarithms. The goal of this book is to give the learner the necessary and required concepts, skills and knowledge so as to be successful in algebra.

It is the author’s view that a good grasp of the basic concepts of algebra will enable and encourage competence in statistics, geometry, trigonometry and calculus. The learner is therefore encouraged to go through each topic in this book meticulously and remember to practice questions from the exercises. The concepts are set out in a clear format with definitions, examples and exercises. To make sure that you understand the material, each chapter ends with a summary exercise. You should get the most from this book if you work steadily from the beginning to the end in each chapter. Each chapter has the relevant topics and sub-topics with definitions and examples that will allow the learner to easily workout the problems in the exercises.

This book is suitable for high school and first year college students. It may be introduced at the upper elementary level and be used right up to adult education. The book is good for those persons who are a bit rusty in algebra or have forgotten content materials because it has been awhile since they have taken an algebra course. If such is the case then this is the perfect book for you to refresh your skills and sharpen your proficiency in core concepts of algebra.

Finally I would like to reiterate that algebra can be fun but the learner has to first get a good grasp of the basic concepts so as to have a rewarding experience which will not only advance competency level in algebra but will be favorable for further studies in mathematics. Remember to make a firm commitment to spend the time to study and practice your algebra.

Claude H. A. Simpson
Full details of all the chapters will be available soon.

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