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What you wont see in the Movies

        There is another series in the making of Wonder Woman.
  The important thing to remember is Wonder Woman is a story told
    in the style of Greek mythology. This doesn't translate well in the
  pop-culture. I fell in love with Linda Carter in her break out role as the
  Amazon heroin Wonder Woman. But, it was satire. If you read the
  Comic series you'll get a different look at this Greek Demi-God.
  She is not so innocent and definitely not gullible. She has never been
  human. She was never born. Her mother Queen Hippolyta formed her
  from the magical clay of Paradise Island. Hippolyta beg the Gods for a
  daughter, since the Amazon woman of Themyscira could not have children.
  The spirit of the child was taken from limbo, where unborn spirits dwell.
  This sounds like a monster movie.
        Hippolyta called her child Diana after the mother of Major Steve Trevor.
  Hippolyta could see the future and past all at once. Diana would become an
  envoy to the League of Nations. Hippolyta knew that Paradise Island would
  be discovered by the world of men. Paradise Island joined with the allied forces
  against NAZI Germany. Diana chose a uniform of the American flag to show
  her alliance with the United States. She could not tire or bleed. Her body was
  made of clay. Her strength came from Athena's golden girdle of Gaea and the
  golden lasso of truth. She could lift great weights and deflect bullets with her
  bracelets. But, she could never be a mortal woman.

  She was made of clay and magic.

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