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My entries for the WDC Survivor Game
Challenger entries go in the book with this logo :))
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Contest Results: I tied in the final round with fyn !!! Much thanks to everyone who participated in this contest for inspiring me to keep my bar high; to everyone who followed this contest for cheering us participants on; to voters for letting us know what entries were your favorites; and to Sara Jean for all her hard work as contest moderator. It's been a great three months and I look forward to the next round. And hey Fyn, so glad we got the chance to really connect during the contest. YOU are the best!!! *Heart*

I've chosen "Rising Stars of WdC as my group to support. Each round that I am not voted off the island, I'll earn GPs for this fantastic group. Help me support Rising Stars and their wonderful programs by voting for me in the current round. Thank you so much!!!

FINAL ROUND! Challenge #6 Prompt: : You (or your character) get(s) a phone call that contains the unexpected and draws out true emotion from you (or your character). There is a catch, however *Right* Write the scene using only dialogue - internal and external. Then, rewrite the same scene using no dialogue whatsoever - only description.. Good luck! I look forward to these entries.

The Challenge #6 Entries: (A word from our host: "You will not submit your challenge publicly as you have done in the past rounds - this round will have SECRET authors. You will submit to me by email. I am going to post them in my port with a note that they are NOT mine, but are instead either of yours, but I will not reveal who wrote which one until the final round is over. Once the contest is over, I'll transfer the items to the appropriate authors." ~ Sara‚ô•Jean ) So, the entries are:

If you'd like to vote in Round Six ~The Finale~, here's the polling link:

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Challenge #5 Prompt: : Your challenge this week will be to write a story or poem in which you completely omit the vowel "O." There are two examples of this in "Invalid Entry - one without the vowel a, and the other without the vowel i. It takes quite a bit of care to be sure that it all makes sense without the vowel that is necessary to remove, so I wish you the absolute best of luck.

You prompt is as follows: You are walking down the street when you meet a character right out of a fantasy world. How does that go?

My Challenge #5 Entry: ""Miss Match" ~Round Five Entry~

If you'd like to vote in Round Five, here's the polling link:

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Challenge #4 Prompt: : Your challenge is to write a poem with at least ten lines, where every line has the same number of 'beats'. (Essentially, the same number of syllables.)

My Challenge #4 Entry: "Nothing Left ~ Challenge #4

Challenge #3 Prompt: : Create a new character in your mind. One that you have never used in a story before. (Or, if you have a character that still needs devlopment for a story, by all means, develop them with this method!) Then answer the following questions about this imaginary person - you might be surprised at how real they suddenly become: (Questions found HERE  )

My Challenge #3 Entry: "I'd Like to Introduce You to Piper Crow ~ Challenge #3 *Left* Won the Immunity Idol!

Challenge #2 Prompt: Write a story or poem using exactly 1254 words in the perspective of a piece of clothing - i.e. The main character of the story is that piece of clothing, and the story is told from the clothing's eyes, despite the fact that they have none. (It can be any kind of clothing - shirt, jewelry, pants, shoes, socks, hair scrunchy, a halloween costume... - if you can wear it, you can use it!) (Microsoft Word will be used to count the number of words in the story.)

My Challenge #2 Entry: "L'Alliance (The Wedding Ring) ~ Challenge #2 *Left* Won the Immunity Idol!

Challenge #1 Prompt: You (or your character) are reading a newspaper, and someone is reading over your shoulder. Write a DIALOGUE ONLY story that explains your reaction.

My Challenge #1 Entry: "Shameful Actions Come Around, Go Around

Thanks for reading and voting!!!

#5. "Miss Match" ~Round Five Entry~
ID #724759 entered on June 3, 2011 at 9:24am
#4. Nothing Left ~ Challenge #4
ID #723831 entered on May 12, 2011 at 3:26pm
#3. I'd Like to Introduce You to Piper Crow ~ Challenge #3
ID #723217 entered on May 10, 2011 at 9:45pm
#2. L'Alliance (The Wedding Ring) ~ Challenge #2
ID #722257 entered on April 15, 2011 at 5:24pm
#1. Shameful Actions Come Around, Go Around
ID #721349 entered on April 5, 2011 at 6:27am

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