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Rated: GC · Book · Death · #1805960
The story of two brothers who become terrifying murders.
We begin our tale in the city of San Antonio over two Kennedy High School students. Everyone thought they were cool kids. Then one day that would all change.
"Wake up Joseph." said Mark to his twin brother."Get your lazy ass up!" "Uggh. I don't want to wake up." said Joseph sleeepily. "Wake up Joseph." "Fine! I'm getting up." " I'm not ready for school today either but I still have to get up." stated Mark.
" I shouldn't have stayed up 'til 3 am every night this summer." complained Joseph."I hate the first day of school.""It least we start our sophmore year this year." said Mark."It won't suck as much.""Maybe your right." Joseph said reassuringly as he slipped his clothes on.
The twin brothers slipped down the stairs before staring the beginning of their day. "Hey mom." said Mark as he reached in the freezer for a breakfast burrito. "I can't belive my boys are starting their second year of high school" said their mother Gina in a tone of denial."I remember when you were both two and you would run around the yard prtending to be cowboys.""Mom you act like were leaving forever and never coming back. We're just going to school." Mark said while throwing his burrito in the microwave.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1805960