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Rated: 18+ · Book · Comedy · #1822710
Kids make bad teachers lives miserable so they will quit.
Bob Jeans is a spoiled arrogant son of a multi billionaire who goes to a prestigious private school where he excels at everything due to all of the financial support he received as a child. One day, Bobs father loses all of his money meaning Bob will have to go to public school. He starts off in AP classes where he still gets a decent education but when AP classes are cut to save money, Bob tries to complain but no one will listen to him. AFter he notices that the teachers are making educational spending cuts while they have exotic cars, he realizes that something needs to be done. WHen no lawyer can help him because the unions are too powerful, Bob and a bunch of kids form to cause problems in the bad teachers lives so the teachers will quit. ALong the way, Bob will learn about empathy and teamwork.
#5. Getting Out of Special Ed
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#4. Bob's New Friend
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#3. Failed Attempt
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#2. AP Classes Cut
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#1. Off to Public School
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