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Thoughts, life, and more.
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Bow Wow and other things poetry stuff and whatever creativity brings. Perhaps stories, perhaps musings, whatever it is maybe it's amusing.

I lost the first blog I created I guess because either I didn't set it up correctly, or I didn't add to it on a regular basis. This time I promise not to promise, but I will do my best to get this going and keep it going.

I tried to pick the proper genres for this new adventure I am going on and taking you with me, but, I may have chosen the wrong words. If I did, please tell me so that I can learn to do a better job next time.

Right now i am in a mood which causes me to feel like griping and complaining. This isn't the way I wanted to start writing this whatever it is going to turn out to be.

I read an article today about the name Itchy Water. It is well worth reading for several reasons. One, clean water is important. Two many people do not have clean water, and for three; I have no reason to complain, even though I think I should and even thought I think I have a reason to complain. Humm; I think I'm now complaining, however, at least it isn't about what I started to complain about. This reason; about the filthy water; It, is a very, very good reason to complain. It is a very good reason to fuss to people in power and who have large amounts of funds. I think this is similar to justified complaining or righteous complaining.
Anyway, please when you have time visit Itchy Waters port and read about the name Itchy Water, thank you.

Are you ok with me complaining a little more; or perhaps a lot more? If you are ok with this wonderful. I this is a problem. go to the next whatever I'm supposed to call it; chapter, entry, or post, or whatever, and continue reading. Hopefully I havn't completely lost you and your are willing to travel a little further with me on this journey from here to there. Where ever we wind up, I can not tell, but at least we will be going together, thank you for your friendship and company.

Wow! I now have less of a reason to complain moan, and groan. I found my blog stuff. What a surprise; it happened because I started writing this. It is amazing to me how I can lose something and then by starting something else; because I know not what else to do, I find what I lost in the first place. Yes, you are absolutely correct, I just wrote a run on sentence. Why? I'll tel;l you.

I wrote a run on sentence because I wanted to capture all of my thought and thought process. I didn't want to lose any of what was going through my mind. I have this challenge. If I do not write down immediately what I am thinking about writing down, it may be lost for a short period of time, a long period of time, or it may be lost to me and you and everyone else forever.

So, what I do to prevent this as much as possible is to write down every word no matter how good, bad, or indifferent the writing turns out to be or not to be. Then later which can be minutes, weeks, months, or years; and sometimes never; which is rare, I will return and edit my writing. I started doing this just before the start of NaNo. I plan on continuing this process after NaNo is finished. In the mean time, i write what and when I write the way it comes and goes in the raw and then cook it digest it and eventually the edit it process is completed. So now you know why some of my writing is the way it is and why I take a while to get around to doing the necessary editing. What this has to do with complaining, I have no clue. At least right now I'm not complaining.

"DWG: Badge Dream, We Dream Big!
Winner of Blogger of the Week for October 16, 2016 to October 22, 2016 dogpack:invest in yourself "Blogging Circle of Friends Prompt Forum
Table of Contents
Chapter 2 Most Favorite Springtime Activities 0.82k
Chapter 3 My Holiday the Art of Life 2.03k
Chapter 4 Where Did I Put That... 1.56k
Chapter 5 Earth, Ice, Fire, bones 1.80k
Chapter 6 Reading Writing and The Most Important Person/Information 2.72k
Chapter 7 Stray Black Dog 6.92k
Chapter 8 Creating And Real Life Observations 1.22k
Chapter 9 Running With Fashion Statements 1.89k
Chapter 10 The Interview: A Dinosaur And Rock Whisperer 2.46k
Chapter 11 free writing life challenges BCof & BlogCity 3.18k
Chapter 12 Art & Artists 1.39k
Chapter 13 Warriors Nightmare Adventure 3.36k
Chapter 14 Mixed Love/Evil Drink 2.92k
Chapter 15 The Cabin 3.55k
Chapter 16 Smile Music 1.99k
Chapter 17 blog 1.22k
Chapter 18 Halloween Pumpkins and No Reflection 3.41k
Chapter 19 Halloween With Stephen King: random words 1.12k
Chapter 21 POSITIVE CIRCLE 1.92k
Chapter 23 CLOWN SIGHTINGS 1.50k
Chapter 24 INSECURITIES 3.14k
Chapter 26 MONEY WORRIES 1.85k
Chapter 27 DATE 1.41k
Chapter 28 SUMMER: TO DO LIST 1.24k
Chapter 29 GIFTS 1.65k
Chapter 30 WRITING IDEAS 1.58k
Chapter 31 THOUGHTS 1.64k
Chapter 32 THOUGHTS 0.31k
Chapter 33 Infusing Enthusiasm 1.40k
Chapter 34 Payer Romancing Words 1.50k
Chapter 35 Life Communications 1.79k
Chapter 36 In The Zone, Out Of The Zone: we have choices 2.23k
Chapter 37 Dreams Come True 1.74k
Chapter 38 Moon Struck 2.24k
Chapter 39 Curious Cat 0.89k
Chapter 40 Weekend Adventure 2.54k
Chapter 41 Car At First Sight 1.56k
Chapter 42 FALLING APART 1.05k
Chapter 43 Memory: or not? 1.50k
Chapter 44 The Spirit Of Things 2.26k
Chapter 45 Success or Failure 0.89k
Chapter 46 Antiques anyone? 2.12k
Chapter 47 Autom's beauty 1.18k
Chapter 48 More Inspiring Part Of The Year 1.19k
Chapter 49 The Bag 1.55k
Chapter 50 humor or Humor 1.12k
Chapter 51 Permission, Courage, Forgiveness: or write and edit later 0.80k
Chapter 52 Faith, Hope, Charity 6.16k
Chapter 53 Expression: Telling A story 1.44k
Chapter 54 Stop The Blame Game! 2.58k
Chapter 55 Book That Struck A Chord 1.20k
Chapter 56 Availability 2.71k
Chapter 57 Resolution 0.93k
Chapter 58 What's Inside? 3.84k
Chapter 59 Confidence 2.27k
Chapter 60 Balanced Life 1.35k
Chapter 61 2015 best/worst 4.56k
Chapter 62 Grateful 0.96k
Chapter 63 Memorable NYE 0.70k
Chapter 64 Be Positive and Hold To Belief 1.21k
Chapter 65 Hibernating Humans 4.20k
Chapter 66 2015: successes, failures, time to achieve 3.86k
Chapter 67 BELIEF: peace& good will in this world 2.67k
Chapter 68 White Christmas or... 2.67k
Chapter 69 TV Christmas specials 0.60k
Chapter 70 Integrity 4.16k
Chapter 71 Lists 5.02k
Chapter 72 Who"s Invited? 2.19k
Chapter 73 Heart2Heart 1.52k
Chapter 74 Speaking Badly 1.55k
Chapter 75 Good Question 2.11k
Chapter 76 Upside Down, Right Side Up? 4.19k
Chapter 77 Comfort Zone: stepping out 3.10k
Chapter 78 Version of the World 7.12k
Chapter 79 neither 0.77k
Chapter 80 Caught in a web:DREAM CATCHERS 5.04k
Chapter 81 Self 1.13k
Chapter 82 Crazy, perhaps not! 6.33k
Chapter 83 K Power, or NOT 9.65k
Chapter 84 My Net 1.08k
Chapter 85 Mood 1.00k
Chapter 86 Favorite 2.17k
Chapter 87 Ghost In My Life: Not Halloween 4.19k
Chapter 88 When It Is Time To Do Or Say The Tough Things 0.58k
Chapter 89 Worth of a Soul/family, friends, humanity 3.30k
Chapter 90 Perfect Day 1.57k
Chapter 91 Truth Of The Matter 1.79k
Chapter 92 Reasoning Truth and Dismissing Distractions 1.62k
Chapter 93 Eyes, Not Only 1.34k
Chapter 94 Thankful Thanksgiving and more 2.10k
Chapter 95 Written, Haven't Written 2.53k
Chapter 96 Our Decision 2.62k
Chapter 97 Trust and an Open Mind 2.02k
Chapter 98 I Am 3.48k
Chapter 99 Treasures Within 2.00k
Chapter 100 Situations 1.49k
Chapter 101 Better Best 2.53k
Chapter 102 Perspective:let go or, move onto another level of life? 3.16k
Chapter 103 Friend Imagined 1.37k
Chapter 104 Mind Matters 1.72k
Chapter 105 Protection: curses 2.10k
Chapter 106 Best Days 1.64k
Chapter 107 Creative Imagination 1.53k
Chapter 108 Word Art Experience 1.71k
Chapter 109 Charity: is love not blindness 1.70k
Chapter 110 Hidden Treasure(s) 1.20k
Chapter 111 Our Days/Time Are Precious 1.12k
Chapter 112 My strength not insecurity 3.19k
Chapter 113 Fear Not! For I Am With You 5.38k
Chapter 114 My Cell Phone is Simple and... 0.65k
Chapter 115 Music In My Ears 1.31k
Chapter 116 The seasons they are a changing 0.93k
Chapter 117 Light Tomorrow With Today 1.18k
Chapter 118 Thinking, thinking, thinking & over thinking 2.00k
Chapter 119 Abilities, adapting & making a change, life what we make it! 4.94k
Chapter 120 My House is Home Because 2.48k
Chapter 121 Writing by Hand 1.02k
Chapter 122 The Most Important Thing In My Life 2.73k
Chapter 123 cemetery: chance encounter 0.77k
Chapter 124 Pondering and Savoring 3.79k
Chapter 125 Living Forever: Life Eternal 4.91k
Chapter 126 Writing My Way 3.49k
Chapter 127 Responsibility for Wrong Doing 1.79k
Chapter 128 Sixteen verses where and who I am now 2.28k
Chapter 129 Truth living in the light/lies living in the dark 0.76k
Chapter 130 The Challenge Of Being Responsible For The Family Group, DWG 5.58k
Chapter 131 DOG/CAT: differences 3.66k
Chapter 132 DAY: A Precious Gift 2.32k
Chapter 133 Learning a New Skill, easy/enjoy challenge 1.80k
Chapter 135 SHED?CAVE: items decor and more 1.66k
Chapter 136 CREATIVE PROCESS: Brain Vacation & Relaxation 1.78k
Chapter 138 LEADERSHIP: My understanding 2.84k
Chapter 139 THINKING ALWAYS 2.78k
Chapter 140 I/YOU'RE A WRITER WHEN 1.87k
Chapter 142 Creating: The Art and Sources For Blogging 1.75k
Chapter 143 Choices Which May Change Our Lives Forever 2.40k
Chapter 144 Talent 0.87k
Chapter 145 Incredibly, Amazingly, Wonderfully Fantastic News! 3.62k
Chapter 146 Space, The Writing Fronteer 4.09k
Chapter 147 Alone With Myself: that is the question 4.61k
Chapter 148 What Gets Better With Age? 3.44k
Chapter 149 What Gets Better With Age? 2.04k
Chapter 150 Content Satisfaction: Me God & Creation 2.58k
Chapter 151 TV Affair: Childhood Favorite 2.62k
Chapter 152 Only A Number 3.49k
Chapter 153 Don't Tempt Fait 7.85k
Chapter 154 The Kiss Of Friendship 4.27k
Chapter 155 It Is But A Season/Moment 1.91k
Chapter 156 Through The Vail 3.80k
Chapter 157 Discovery: Recovery of Treasure 4.32k
Chapter 158 Dear John Letter: from the power wheelchair 5.03k
Chapter 159 Traveling My Way 4.59k
Chapter 160 HIS NAME IS MY NAME 3.35k
Chapter 161 Tears: Beautyful Birthday 5.96k
Chapter 162 WINTER: challenges & solutions 3.20k
Chapter 163 WINTER: challenges & solutions 3.20k
Chapter 164 WINTER: challenges & solutions 1.43k
Chapter 165 My Hour With God: Hope Trust Salvation Father Eternal Life 5.78k
Chapter 166 Mardi Gras: party, party, party! 7.23k
Chapter 167 I CAN'T WAIT: excitement! prompt 6.00k
Chapter 169 LOST AND FOUND 2.64k
Chapter 170 CHILD MEMORY 1.18k
Chapter 171 POETRY CORNER 1.18k

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