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Sometimes we just want to read about the holiday we're closest to.

The stories and poems

in this book are, so far:

Christmas and Hannukah.

Thanksgiving, New Years, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter.

I hope to add more as the year progresses.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the collection.

It's brand new, although many of the pieces aren't.

Currently there are 52 items.

I have used one entry to begin each holiday represented.

To find the holiday you desire, you may have to go to the bottom and advance to another page.

(There are currently three pages.)


It depends on the quality of the review how much I send you in reply.

Most reviews receive 150 gps, but that depends on how helpful one is as to how high I go.




Just to draw you into the spirit,

here comes the parade! Always

a really good sign

of a holiday!

This is an illustration for a poem in "How to Write Poetry".

                   String of Haiku: Parade

We sat on the porch
As the parade traveled by
Fire engines sirened

                   Then came the horses
                   Saddles studded with silver
                   Prancing a street dance

Clowns flip-flopped about
With flowers squirting water
That carried laughter

                   Marching uniforms
                   Boomed and beat out the rhythm
                   In synchronized steps

Pooches on leashes
One leaving a pool behind
As they strutted on

                   A hula-girl float
                   With a paper maché tree
                   Danced of Hawaii

Elvis in person
Singing about his hound dog
Looking very young

                   A Karate team
                   With colored belts dangling down
                   Kicking at the air

Police black and whites
With whirling lights of orange
The closing salute

                   Smiling spectators
                   First meld and then separate
                   The party’s over

So Grandpa and I
Return to our waiting game
Parades of chessmen




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Entry # 2 A Special Brother 7.04k
Entry # 3 Santa Daddy 6.95k
Entry # 4 The Made-Up Tales of Great, Great Grandmother 5.84k
Entry # 5 Billibob, a Disaster in Progress 6.71k
Entry # 6 The Days of Winter 6.27k
Entry # 7 Five Golden Rings 7.46k
Entry # 8 The Mystery on Christmas Morning 7.05k
Entry # 9 An Essay on the Elfdom Christmas 5.35k
Entry # 10 Halt the Eradication of Planet Earth 5.43k
Entry # 11 The Mystery of Religiosity 6.84k
Entry # 12 An Elf Named Mary Bell 8.32k
Entry # 13 Shepherds 1.50k
Entry # 14 Elf on Titan 6.71k
Entry # 15 Christmas at the Arctic Sea: a children's poem 1.52k
Entry # 16 Sonnet to Christmas 1.50k
Entry # 17 Silver Star of Bethlehem 1.99k
Entry # 18 Today: A Christmas Cinquain 1.35k
Entry # 19 Sonnet to Christmas -- a poem 1.69k
Entry # 20 Christmas All Alone: poetry 2.30k
Entry # 21 The Miracle of His Birth 1.15k
Entry # 22 Santa -- a poem 2.19k
Entry # 23 Gabriel-- a poem 1.10k
Entry # 24 Christmas Shopping in October 2.08k
Entry # 25 The Jolly Thief: A Flash Fiction Story 4.46k
Entry # 26 Home For the Holidays: Flash Fiction 1.77k
Entry # 27 Dear Santa, I Know I'm Guilty 5.61k
Entry # 28 Unwanted Presents: Bad Poetry -- just for fun 0.96k
Entry # 29 THANKSGIVING 0.83k
Entry # 30 Flying Mashed Potatoes and Gravy 3.59k
Entry # 31 Leftover Turkey and Dream Chickens 7.77k
Entry # 32 HALLOWEEN 0.61k
Entry # 33 Cemetery on Halloween: a Poem 2.21k
Entry # 34 Bridget the Cow and Halloween 7.36k
Entry # 35 Samhain Night 2.78k
Entry # 36 The Halloween Candy Bar 2.92k
Entry # 37 Pinocchio's Problem 1.88k
Entry # 38 Alien Encounter Number 645719 6.71k
Entry # 39 Peter Pumpkin-Eater 6.76k
Entry # 40 EASTER TIME 1.07k
Entry # 41 The Easter Bunny Has Bad Days 7.30k
Entry # 42 The Alien and the Easter Bunny 6.80k
Entry # 43 Little Joey's Easter Basket 7.53k
Entry # 44 Alien Easter Eggs 7.08k
Entry # 45 The Twelve Days of Easter 3.66k
Entry # 46 JANUARY 1ST 0.84k
Entry # 47 New Year's Eve 6.97k
Entry # 48 The New Year: a Poem 1.51k
Entry # 49 Bananas, Celery, and Spinach 6.71k
Entry # 50 Animals on New Year's Eve 1.86k
Entry # 51 ST. PATRICK'S DAY 0.98k

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