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by Bernie
Rated: 18+ · Book · Drama · #1851707
A woman heads back to her hometown to defeat her demons.
Twenty-seven year old, Eleanor Brosney, heads back to her hometown after nearly ten years of being away. Of running away from a dark nightmare that Eleanor forced herself to forget. Moving home, she wants to confront these demons and beat them, so that she may be able to live her life without fear.

Foxwillow Springs was just out of a magazine, with its adorable village square and the large lake, called Winrose Lake, that sat on the very edge of town. It had always seemed so wonderful to Ellie as she grew up, until one night that shattered all of her illusions. Eventually chasing her away and sending her into hiding.

Now, nearly ten years to the day since leaving Foxwillow, Ellie wants to confront what happened to her, so she can put it behind her and move on with her life. She knows that until she does, she will live in fear for the rest of her life.

As she digs into her past, into the nightmare that has consumed her life, she gets reacquainted with Derek Fellows, a man who she had dated and thought at one point she'd marry. Old hurts mended and an old love rekindled, Derek helps Ellie figure out what happened so that maybe they could move on with their life together.

Though as they sort through and begin to piece things together, the horror begins again and Ellie realizes she has to face it head on and not run away. It's a matter of life and death.

Note: I'm writing this story as it comes to my head. It's by no means a fully flushed and edited piece. So, by all means if you have suggestions for character development or any ideas for the plot, please please drop me an email. I will be posting each chapter as I finish writing them. Any and all help would be amazing during this development period!
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Welcome Home 10.36k
Chapter 2 All I Need is Trust 7.58k
Chapter 3 Cold Shoulder 15.11k
Chapter 4 My Heart Smolders 9.60k

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