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A story about another world and how who the bad guy is won't always be one or the other.
    This is a book I am writing (or hoping to) of a story about Amardom, a world that was created between a group of people, friends that shared the common goal to create something together. We each have our own stories, works of art, inventions, futures, pasts, each one of us has these things that all spring from what we have made of this world.

    This specific story is about a man named Laurence. He is a Mankian. He has worked for many years as a sort of private detective, honestly doing any work that came his way, be it actually finding something out or just helping someone find a job. He's had dreams. He can't remember what they were, but once he had them. Now, though, he lives simply every day hoping for work and a chance to eat a good meal.
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