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What I'm like......

No I'm not a country singer

Nor a western star

What I write under my pen name

Maybe does not shine far

I chose my pseudonym

Seemed appropriate to me

I've been western about fifty years

Will continue as far as I can see

I listened to the Grand Ole Opry

On an old time radio

I heard all the great ones sing

As they came upon that show

I listened to country music

Bought boots and western attire

I liked the country music

So my pen name hopes to inspire

I listened as Hank Williams sang

The songs that seemed his life

I watched Gene Autry on tv

Back when there was strife

Yeah, I watched all the western shows

I grew up with them back then

There are so many, but I know most

Only shows you where I've been

Johnny Cash and his wife June

Roy Rogers and wife Dale

Oh, yeah, I know a few

And don't you know without fail

I somehow seem inspired by them

But you know I cannot sing

'Momma s don't let your babies

grow up to be cowboys' rings

In my ears as old Willie sang

You know I cannot list them all

There are too many now

But so many do stand tall

I don't have a horse to ride

Nor a large ranch to call home

But I've been here and there

Guess I was destined to roam

Tex Ritter's Hillbilly Heaven

I think that's what he sang

Johnny Cash—-- I Walk The Line

So many songs that rang

In tune with some of what I felt

Those singers sang their song

So by choosing my pen name

I feel I've done nothing wrong

So while I'm not a country star

I still hope my writings shine

As far as they can go

The heartfelt ones of mine

So, I guess mostly yes

Cowboys have been my heroes

They seemed to only do good

And someday; who knows

Maybe I will have the chance

To thank them, maybe shake hands

See them standing tall

With their country bands

I did once reach out to touch a star

A country singer, a lady

I will never forget that night when

I shook Dolly Parton's hand kindly

Oh, yeah, I'm country

Hat, duster and cowboy boots

Touch my hat to the ladies

Polite, a kindness that suits

So, no I don't have the trimming’s

A regular cowboy sports

But then I'm not a regular cowboy

Only one who purports

To be such a cowboy

But it's where I've mostly been

Maybe I could have been different

But I really don't know when

Oh, yeah, I wear boots

But no spurs you see

Wouldn't hurt a faithful horse

That's not a part of me

So many names I could mention

Those cowboys old and new

It seems part of my heritage

Cowboy is what I do

So now the reason is clear

I chose my pen name to be

Saddlesnsongs; a heartfelt name

Is an apt description of me
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