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A descriptive item about losing love
How To Know You Are Losing Your Woman


I am not writing this as a scholar of any kind. I graduated high school. No matter how hard I tried, college would never be in my future. No I am writing this as a woman lost.

I was in a marriage for sixteen years. Many people could never see one of us without the other, but what they didn’t know was that I was pulling away more every day.

In this relationship, I fought to keep. I wanted a forever love. I needed to be a part of an old couple holding hands in the supermarket. I cried when he got distant, I make excuses for the things he did, and I even blamed myself that he was out with other women. Shoot I even warned him that if he didn’t treat me better, I would find someone else who would. Finally, I stopped. I packed his stuff put it in my car. I drove him and his belongings to his mother’s. There I kissed him good-bye.

Then here came the next relationship hitting me right in my heart. He started out great. The way he touched my cheek with his hand was so sweet. He would run his fingers through my hair, and his kisses were sweeter than any honey. However, I found that there was a price for such luxuries. I found myself borrowing money for his alcohol and pills. I stayed at the hospital during his hospital stay. I stood straight when he held a gun to my head while he was drunk. I cried when he would tell me that he was leaving. I rented a hotel room for him because we had no place to live. Now I did all that I could do. I stopped crying. I stopped fighting him for what I needed. I just got my children and moved.

No matter how much your woman loves you, she will give up if her needs aren’t being met. Guys, that doesn’t always mean sexually. Often, when a woman is happy, it is easy to fulfill her sexually. Sometimes just a look from across the room can set her heart to a race.

Now it this item I am speaking from the view point of that lost woman. You know the one that maybe slipping right out of your life as you read my words.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/books/item_id/1958525-How-To-Know-You-Are-Losing-Your-Woman