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I think that this will be my Nanowrimo novel
After waking up from a night of busy dreams, she gets up from her living couch. It wasn’t always this arrangement, but it had been her bed for the past six years. This situation was not because she lived alone. Matter of fact, she lived with the one that she believed to be her soul mate.

She began sleeping back when the two first moved in together. They didn’t have much, and jobs were one of the luxuries that neither of them had. The house was a one room efficiency apartment furnished with only a twin bed, couch, and two wooden chairs. She and her lover just could not lie in one position to sleep. This made sleeping in the same bed impossible.

As times changed and the bed got bigger, he seemed to have every reason for her not to sleep by his side. “I have injured my back, and can’t stand to feel the bed move.” “I have the flue and don’t want to make you sick.” Or the old standby: he would start a fight where she just did not want to be near him.

As she passed the doorway, she looked into the master bedroom. The bedroom is one that they had once shared. He had pillows between his knees, and he was cuddling with another. He was holding it so close to his body. She hated those damn pillows. He used to hold her the same way. The queen bed had plenty of room for them both, but she was the one to wake up every morning pressed into the back of the couch dreaming that it was him.

Standing the door, she remembered how he used to feel against her at night. It was wonderful to fall asleep lying her head on his chest listening to his heart beat.
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