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Written For NaNoWriMo 2012, please help me edit
Below is the letter that I received from a publisher. I do not have any money to put into editting this book. Can any of my writing.com family help me out? Thank you all so much.



Thank you for your submission!  We appreciate the hard work you have put

into your novel.  Your manuscript has a interesting concept and plot

line that could be quite touching.  Unfortunately, at this time we

cannot accept it for publishing--it's not quite ready.  The ending did

not wrap up the book, even if you were planning on a series.  For most

fiction books, we would expect to see between 60,000 to 120,000 words,

but preferably around 90,000, so the book is a little short.  if you

mean it to be a novella, you would need to wrap up the plot lines a

little bit more so people aren't left hanging.  Personally, I think it

would be better to lengthen it, in order to wrap up the story, than to

remove something just so you can tie up the loose ends while still

keeping it a novella.

Also, a submitted manuscript should contain a summary of the book at the

beginning of the manuscript--usually, this includes a per-chapter

summary, but if you can sum up everything that happens in the book

(including major twists) in one page, that would be sufficient.

Finally, while we realize this is an in-work process, it requires

significant editing.  We have attached a copy with part of the first

chapter rough edited, so you can see what we are looking for.  We turned

Microsoft's "track changes" feature on, so in Word you can go to the

review tab and then the "Show markup" dropdown to view or hide our

changes.  Nevertheless, we would recommend using a professional editor

before submitting, if you choose to resubmit later or to solicit another


Thanks again and have a great day,


Brown Wall Publishing

#1. Chapter One : Bad John in the Nursing Home
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