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Rated: 18+ · Book · Sci-fi · #1988914
Time is capricious.... Book 2 of The Society in the Shadow of Civilization Series
Sequel to "The Shadow Watcher ....

Sam is adjusting to her new double life, and has traded one Shadow Watcher away for another. This time, it's her cousin, so she doesn't need to worry about any romantic entanglements. Until she goes back to the Society, and comes face to face with her Shadow Watcher once more....

Novica: In the wake of her mother's "funeral," Sam has had little time to seek information from Bailey about whether or not he is involved with the BOAs. In fact, she's been spending as little time as possible with him, and focusing her energy on training with the Zhous. She's determined to be ready next time someone comes for her, and doesn't have time to waste. Especially when Morrison escapes from the authorities.

The Society: The traitor is on trial, but does she deserve death? She was, after all, only doing what Sam probably would have done herself, if Sam was in her place. Her betrayal also brought the Shadow Watcher's ex, Celine, into their world. He's been over her for decades, but how long exactly has it been for her? And what are her true intentions now?

#1. Chapter 1: Thursday 11/16/2006 - Another Night in Novica
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