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Quill Award 2014 -Winner - " Best Collection - non-fiction."
  When I got old and accepted the fact that I have more past than future. I remembered when I was just a little joker; I was a tearaway, an adventurous kid, a reject from the school yard, and the females at home. I got into everything I could that wasn't criminal, and maybe some that was borderline.I met Mother Nature on her terms, in her domain, and I was hooked forever. Nature does not judge a small kid, or anyone else for that matter, If you broke the rules; you paid the consequences.  This was, and is, Australia, the land beneath the southern stars. This was the time - oh yes -the time.

A Time

There’s a time to act,
a time to stop, or go,
a time to think of another life
I lived many years ago.

Yet today is all the time I need
to live as I desire,
tomorrow is a different day,
when I’m free of my current mire.

I look forward to a better day,
Though I know it may not come,
but thinking of my past mistakes
will only make me glum.

Tomorrow morn the sun will shine,
the birds will sing and twitter,
and I’ll enjoy another day
seeing life with no fake glitter.

The simple things delight me now,
my loyal dog, that purring cat,
pottering in the garden soil
wearing my  beat up hat.

Ambition is long gone,
I’ve done all I had to do,
but still, there’s time to write
and share my thoughts with you.

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