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Rated: 18+ · Book · Fantasy · #2022966
"Druid, listen very carefully before I slit out your tongue." - This item has chapters!
The Gift of Revenge

Lord Ailus - Elven King of Kheissa (Elven Capitol)
King Volodar - Dwarf King of Laeroth (Dwarven Capitol)
Klaern - Volodar's son
Orrian - Volodar's 'idiot' brother to the East
Men, Women and children (City of Calenrock)
Carlia and Ciolia - Lord Ailus' daughters
Thallan - Head of the Elven Guard

Instruments and Weaponry
Karliash brace - a neck piece with a lock and key used on those with magical power to temporarily disable their wizard ability.

Fire Wisps - Small creatures only found in elven country also referred to as fire sprites.
Tree Spriggans - Smaller looking trees that camouflage and jump out to slaughter their victim.
Steelthorn Bull - A petrifying bull padded with steel armour plates, found close to Laeroth, in the deserts.
Primordial bee - A bee with ancient, elemental powers
Snowdrake lizard - Sickly white and found on Laeroth mountain
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chapter 7 9.29k
Chapter 2 Chapter 6 11.14k
Chapter 3 Chapter 5 12.37k
Chapter 4 Chapter 4 10.58k
Chapter 5 Chapter 3 7.91k
Chapter 6 Chapter 2 4.20k
Chapter 7 Chapter 1 3.58k

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