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A Shiny New Start to 2015(Never mind it's now 2018!) Oops 2019! Writing why and wherefore.
Hi y'all 👋 So much has happened since February,when I wrote here last. Every time I get moving with my writing,Fate dropped an anchor...

(Below is the rest of the relocation post!
So the pod is 98% packed. Took us 3 days.
It's day 98 have done a lot since this all began.
Looking forward to this adventure. Tired beyond ridiculous...  many good folks wishing us well,with prayers 🙏, encouragement and the things that matter)

I will be sharing our relocation/vacation to Mississippi on here. My writing has become tweets and Facebook posts and so on.
Time has been a factor also. I've made some funny music videos and serious ones.
I had to give up my Shaggy waggies. An amazing guinea pig cavey that became my emotional support companion.
He is safe and doing well 🙏 with a caring family ❤️💙♥️ and they are kind enough to send me pictures of him and his Lady friend 😉.
So will end here.
Below is entries of my life before.
Zei Gezunt 🤗 be well y'all 😁❤️👍 🤣 thanks for stopping by!

Well hello y'all 👋 It's 2019. Once again back here. Below is what was going on in my loony tune life! Everytime I start writing projects,my family's needs out weights what I'm doing.
The past 3 months my step sister has been suffering 😢 from a skin condition,no one could figure out. 5 Doctor's later a PA in a dermatologist appointment finally knew it was eczema. And thanks be to G-d for her getting better. And prayers 🙏 from Many Orthodox Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist and even some who are good Voo Doo folks.
We can move mountains with prayers and love plus good energy. Have been up and running, cleaning etc. So tired 😴 but thankfull for all the goodness of people.
Eugene is the capital of eczema in Oregon. Needing prayers to move back to the South. I'm using my writing to find help in getting a 3rd class RV. I will 😊 be here when possible. Making sure our grandkids with special needs and our health is good most important. This summer or next spring we will leave here. I have so many stories to share,and our adventure will be filled with some hella funny you tube videos 😂. And Instagram pics. Planning our route, including The Grand canyon and Roswell NM. Hugs dd ❤️ Zei Gezunt 🤗 be well.

This will be about writing.com/writing/goals for 2015/(2020!) and more! I have other Blogs yet this one is a goal in itself---my first real blog item here! I hope to share how I came to be here. (Wow wrote that 3 years ago! Hope to be more current & consistent in the middle of life & muddle! )
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