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Story of an online world and issues we face today regarding the internet and technology.
For those who don't know, in most Role-Playing Games(RPG), there are three main roles.

Tank-- Soaks up damage with high defense, usually low attack wearing heavy armor.(Think Knights, Warriors, Paladins)

Healer-- any job who focuses solely on keeping others alive. while many classes can heal, this is their main function. Low defence and attack but high magical power. (think White Mage)

DPS--Damage dealers-- stands for damage per second-- high attack, moderate defense. made to deal lots of damage, but will quickly die if monster focuses on them.

Some words and phrases that might be helpful if you don't play online games:

MMO-- Massive Multi Online-- basic term for an expansive world made to be explored and interacted with. Involving other people-- usually from around the world-- either to accomplish goals or to simply chat with.

Stats-- the numbers all games use to decide strength and weakness. usually tied to things such as damage done, how often you dodge or block attacks, speed of swings and magic.

NPC-- Non- Playable Character-- people and creatures that fill the world to make it feel real. Programs that say the same things, stand in the same place and never change.

GM--Game Master-- Those who have ultimate control over a game, ensuring no one is breaking the rules. cannot be killed. Their stats exceed the limit of what normal players can achieve.

DoT-- Damage over Time-- An effect that is placed on an enemy that deals damage at set intervals over a period of time.

HoT-- Heal over Time-- Same as a DoT only cast on a friendly player and heals instead of harms.

Tick-- A term used to describe the period of time of a Hot or DoT.  E.G.-- If a DoT does damage once every 3 seconds, that is 1 "tick"

Regan A form of HoT. where a resource (health/magic/ etc) slowly returns.

PvE-- Player versus Environment-- Normal mode of playing most games. Where a player spends his time leveling up and killing monsters.

PvP-- Player Versus Player--Where players duel each other, usually in a formal way where both sides do not feel bad if they lose.

PK-- Player Killing-- When one player focuses on killing other players instead of monsters. Many times this involves high level players killing lower level ones because they are easy to kill and offer little danger to themselves.--Form of bullying. Those who PK are called PKers

PKK-- Player Killer Killers Those who Player Kill player killers. Instead of picking on low level players, they go after the high level ones who do.

Grief or griefing-- The act of tormenting other players. either by killing monsters they are leveling up on, camping their bodies so as to kill them the moment they resurrect, or spamming them with taunts. Generally making a nuisance of and getting in the way.

Cool Down-- Also can be called Timers-- The period of time between when an ability is used(Activated) and when that ability can be used again. E.G: XXX ability has a ten minute cool down-- this means it can't be used for another ten minutes.

Abilitie(s)-- Separate from spells, these are instant but usually have a longer cool down associated with them. Where a spell might be cast every three seconds, abilities might be used every thirty.

Trash-- A term used to describe weaker monsters in a dungeon that must be fought before you can fight the Boss-- A stronger monster that drops better loot.

Pull-- the act of initiating battle with a monster or monsters. The person who gets these monsters are called a Puller

Mob -- generic term for any and all monsters.

Run-- Term used to denote going through a dungeon from beginning to end. a Speed Run Is a regular run, the only difference is the puller does so quickly, often times moving on before the first pack of mobs are dead.

Agro/ hate-- every attack by a player on a monster generates hate an invisible number that goes up. Monster attack the person who has the most hate. a Tanks job is to always have the most hate through ability's and damage. Agro is the term used when a monster attacks anyone but the tank.
Entry # 1 Chapter 1: A Red Mage named Rex 13.21k
Entry # 2 Chapter 2: The Grumpy Warrior 13.49k
Entry # 3 Chapter 3: Creeping Doom 16.33k
Entry # 4 Chapter 4: The Black Skull 12.30k
Entry # 5 Chapter 5: Red Versus Black 19.93k
Entry # 6 Chapter 6: Rex Raven 23.74k
Entry # 7 Chapter 7: “The Games Afoot” 15.78k
Entry # 8 Chapter 8: Garage Talk 12.03k
Entry # 9 Chapter 9: Nemesis 15.60k
Entry # 10 Chapter 10: The Cliff face 16.89k
Entry # 11 Chapter 11: Black and Blue and Red All Over 20.43k
Entry # 12 Chapter 12: Pre-match Hype 16.56k
Entry # 13 Chapter 13: The Duel 23.39k
Entry # 14 Chapter 14: Do Not Go Gently 20.80k
Entry # 15 Chapter 15: Ode to a Red Mage 12.64k

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