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Tale of Romeo and Juliet


Lights up

On stage is librarian. The librarian has a book.

Librarian( Reading book): Two households, both families feuding in bitterness. In fair and dear Vero, the mining capital of the empire, the clans of Montague and Capulet, rivalry in mining of the extraordinary element known as Verodinanium. An energy source of tremendous value. Over this quarrel that naught remember how it begun blood has been spilled like a furious geyser from volcanic bleeding. This is a tale of two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, Romeo of the Montague, a handsome roguish gentleman with a magnificent face of impressive nobility that with a mischievous smile increases the beat of a woman's heart, Juliet of Capulet, a fine lady of marriageable pedigree and wanted for marriage by many a man.

lights down


Scene 1

Lights up

Enter from left Gregory and Samson. They have servant uniform on which indicates that they work for the Capulet family. They have swords.

Gregory: I ain't carrying Verodinanium man! That's the job of the miners!

Samson: We must do as Lady Juliet tells us. The lady has declared that we servants of Capulet should help the poor and volunteer our services to the mine workers.

Gregory: Bah! I hate those damned miners! They are beneath our help!

Samson: Do not disobey the lady!

Gregory: I ain't disobeying man! I shall help those worker dogs much to my dislike but I ain't happy!

Samson: What does make you happy Gregory?

Gregory: Fighting a Montague! Oh how I wish to hurt those Montague filth!

Samson: Aye! Our last battle gave me a scar upon my knees from Montague blade! I wish to strike at them and bend their maids and wives!

Gregory: Bend? To cut off their heads?

Samson: To cut off their heads or to give some lusty loving to one that is at the chest full of busty!

Gregory: You scoundrel of joy!

Samson: Indeed that I am!

Gregory: Thrust myself upon the men and throw them off the wall of their castle!

Samson: If you thrust at them from behind they will jump off to avoid you chasing their ass!

Gregory: That ain't cool man! I am only interested in lass!

Samson:Tell that to Johnny!

Gregory: If Johnny did not want me upon his ass he should not have dressed up like a fine lady!

Samson: I agree since Johnny does look fine in a dress.

Gregory( Looking to right): Look! The Montague dogs come upon us!

Enter Abraham and another servant of the Montague from right. They have their swords out.

Abraham( To Gregory): You knave! How dare thee touch Johnny like that!

Samson( To Abraham): What business is it of yours that Gregory touched Johnny in seduction!

Abraham( To Samson): Johnny is my brother you Capulet serving trash!

Gregory( To Abraham): I only touched his ass with my hand! I only stopped grabbing when I realized that he was no lass and was a lad!

Abraham( To Gregory): Johnny was returning from acting at the theater. He played a lady! You dare place your filthy hand upon my gentle brother in a lusty manner you dung!?

Gregory( To Abraham): Will the fact that he looks truly fine in a dress change your opinion of me?

Abraham( To Gregory): Heck no!

Abraham attacks Gregory. Gregory and Samson duel with Abraham and the other servant.

Enter Juliet and Tybalt from left. She wears black frugal clothing that covers her body in modesty. She wears a head covering that covers her hair. Juliet is in her forties and is older than the rest. Tybalt wears fine Capulet clothing and has a sword.

Juliet( To Everyone): What is this!? Behave you hooligans!

Everyone stops dueling.

Tybalt( To Juliet): Aunt! I disagree! These are Montague scum!

Abraham( To Tybalt): You want a piece of me fool!?

Tybalt draws his sword.

Tybalt( To Abraham): A fine piece I shall take!

Juliet( To Tybalt): Behave Tybalt!

Enter Benvolio. He is in fine Montague clothing and has a sword drawn.

Benvolio( To Abraham and servant): Back away servants of my family! ( To Tybalt): I do not wish to war with you Tybalt!

Tybalt( To Benvolio): But I wish to war with you Benny boy!( To Gregory and Samson): Stay out of this! Benny boy is mine!

Juliet( To Tybalt): There is a treaty in place nephew! Do as I tell you or I shall tell your mother that you have misbehaved!

Tybalt( To Juliet): Then I shall suffer the wrath of my mother aunt juliet

Tybalt and Benvolio fight each other.

Juliet( To Tybalt and Benvolio): Such disgraceful behavior!

Juliet takes sword from Gregory and strikes Tybalt in the arm and then duels Benvolio and strikes Benvolio on the arm.

Juliet( To Benvolio and Tybalt): Now repent to God!

Enter citizens.

Citizen 1( To Benvolio and Tybalt): Damned Capulets and Montagues at it again! You leave Lady Juliet alone you devils!

Citizens: Down with Montagues! Down with Capulets!

Citizens attack Abraham, servant, Tybalt, Gregory and Benvolio.

Lights down.

Scene 2

Lights up

On stage is Prince Escalus, Master Capulet, Master Montague, Tybalt, Benvolio and Juliet.

Prince( To Everyone): You apeish beasts of nobility! You behave like the lower castes! Your veins full of grudge venom! Thrice like an angry dice at a gambler's table have you fought like a raging mad whore with a blade upon a unhappy customer at the brothel! You strike upon each other at times of unease! The citizens of this city have wearied of your brawls in the streets and the bloodshed that once plagued this glorious city of Vero! Peace must reign under my iron and kind fist! If a Capulet and Montague disturb the peace again by battle with each other then both shall be severely punished!

Everyone leaves except Master Capulet and Juliet.

Master: Daughter, what is this I hear from Tybalt that you have been fraternizing with lower castes!

Juliet: Father! I shall associate with who I wish to. This caste nonsense is blasphemy against God. The Lord states that all are equal except in faith and purity.

Master: You and your nonsensical religion! The gods have cursed you daughter! That is why Jeremiah divorced you!

Juliet: Jeremiah and I divorced since we were not a good match! The gods have not cursed me since they do not exist! There is only one God!

Master: Foolish child of mine! Why waste time with the dung people?

Juliet: They are not dung! They are people who i help to uplift! As a Capulet I have a duty to help the poor and empower the workers.

Master: Nonsense of such high degree that the gods laugh at your wretched stupidity!

Juliet: I care not for your rudeness father. The Lord will cleanse this land of impurity so you should leave your paganism and accept the one and only God!

Master: Enough! You will do as I order now! Tonight you shall appear at the family ball and you shall wear clothing that display your beauty! You shall not appear in your silly clothing like last time!

Juliet: I wear these to be modest not to be displayed to all men like meat at the market!

Master: You shall be on display to please Count Paris.

Juliet: Not him again!

Master: He has interest in marriage with you.

Juliet: I have no interest in him.

Master: Your marriage would be good for the family Juliet so you will do as you are told.

Lights down

Scene 3

Lights up

On stage is Master Montague and Benvolio.

Montague: Benvolio my nephew, truly glad I am that my son Romeo did not quarrel with those Capulet fools but what ails his youthful mind?

Benvolio: I do not know dear uncle. He has truly been distracted recently. He spends great amount of times alone in his private chamber. His mind seem to wander about.

Montague: Strange behavior from that boy. Maybe it is time to marry the lad to a lass from an noble family, that should stop his mind wondering.

Benvolio: Indeed sir.

Lights down

Lights up

On stage is Romeo and Mercutio. they are both in their late teenage years.

Mercutio: What ails you my friend? Why do you not wish to visit the whorehouse and spend thou coin on whiskey and whores? I am sure we can find a whore to specialize for your taste. They have lasses with whips and plump women who keep thou body warm in winter!

Romeo: Oh Mercutio, my dear friend, I am troubled by love.

Mercutio: Love? Love you say? What is this love you speak of?

Romeo: Like a leaf flying through the wind this love is so near yet i cannot reach it since the wind blows it away.

Mercutio: Go to the whorehouse and the only blowing you'll get shall be a fine pleasurable one.

Romeo: I am not like you Mercutio. I cannot go to a brothel and be pleasured by a prostitute. I am too shy my friend. I also feel no joy at lustyness. Oh how I am in love! Oh how she pains my heart!

Mercutio: Alright, alright who is this lassie that excites your loins so passionately Romeo?

Romeo: I cannot say.

Mercutio: Come on. You may tell me who you love Romeo. We are as close as brothers. I wish to know who is it that keeps you a virgin.

Romeo: It is Juliet Capulet.

Mercutio looks surprised then looks joyful.

Mercutio: Juliet! The fanatical daughter of Master Capulet? Well, well who knew? You have a taste for older women who are religious lunatics!

Romeo: She is not a lunatic Mercutio. She is a lovely and kind lady who helps the poor. Oh how I saw her on that street! Her sweet kindness, her beautiful eyes and the grace of her like a goddess of purity!

Mercutio: Hey, whatever floats your boat Romeo. A little bit old for my tastes but she has a beauty for her age. I bet she is a gorgeous nymph in the bed.

Romeo: Ah it saddens me that she is a Capulet for how can Capulet ever love a Montague?

Mercutio: Cheer up my friend! We will do as I have done many a time. We will sneak into the ball they have tonight and you shall have a chance to woo the beautiful woman.

Romeo: Sneak into Capulet castle? That is madness!

Mercutio: Madness? Madness? This is love! If you love her you shall sneak into the castle and attract her with your youthful good looks and make her tremble with your smile. Prove your love to her.

Romeo: Then I must sneak into Capulet castle. Thank you Mercutio for your help.

Mercutio: I am honored my friend to help you seek love!

Lights down.

Scene 4

Lights up.

On stage is Count Paris and Prince Escalus.

Escalus: Dear Count-kinsman! I have heard that you are interested in marrying Juliet Capulet!

Paris: Indeed Prince. I wish to marry that creature of lovely nature.

Escalus: Lovely she is indeed if very strange but i ask does not the fact that she is older and that she is a fanatical worshiper of what she claims is the one God not make you hesitate?

Paris: I have made my calculations and have decided that we are a good match.

Escalus: Indeed it is. The joining of you to the Capulet shall be most beneficial. Now, if I were to marry a Montague it is of great possibility that we shall have peace between the feuding families.

Lights down

Scene 5

Lights up

On stage is Lady Capulet and Nurse.

Lady: Where is that daughter of mine nurse?

Nurse: She is writing letters to the charities.

Lady: Enough of such nonsense! Writing when there is a family ball on tonight! She is already a figure of amused whispers amongst the other houses. No wonder sir Jeremiah divorced her. How embarrassing it must be for poor Yakov!

Nurse leaves stage to the right.

Re-enter Juliet and Nurse from right. Juliet wears party dress.

Lady: Daughter, what is the matter with you? Foolish time wasting when you should be preparing for the party.

Juliet: Mother, as manager of many a charity I must keep order. Order helps the needy not chaos.

Lady: Enough nonsense girl!

Juliet: Mother, I am in my forties and have a son so do not call me a girl.

Lady: You shall always be a girl in my eyes daughter. Now be ready for you must woo Count Paris.

Juliet: I know what you and father wish of me. ( With distaste): I will try.

Lady: try?! You will do not try! This handsome Paris seeks you even if you are already divorced and older!

Juliet: He seeks fortune not love.

Lady: Love? Fortune? What does it matter?

Enter servant.

Servant( To Lady Capulet): Madame, the guests have arrived. The musicians prepare to play with instruments and wait for your arrival.

Lady Capulet( To Juliet): Then let us go and host these guests.

lights down

Scene 6

Lights up

On stage is Romeo and Mercutio. They are in fancy clothing.

Romeo: So we have worn clothing that disguise the fact that I am Montague. thank you for your help in getting me into Capulet Castle Mercutio.

Mercutio: It is no big deal my dear Romeo.

Enter woman from left. She walks past both men and leave stage to the right.

Mercutio( Leering in the direction of the woman): I for one have other untoward reasons to be here! Some ,madame I am sure wants sir Mercutio to ride her like a wild horse!

Romeo: Ah, where is sweet Juliet?

Mercutio: Borrow Cupid's wings and shoot an arrow at the old lass. You are a lover so chase your love like a dog in heat.

Romeo: Like a draft I wish to approach her.

Mercutio: Nice wording but I'd prefer it if you used your shaft!

Romeo: You are too rough friend. Love is gentle, it is glorious and sweet. How I wish to have beautiful Juliet in my arms. An urge that beckons me.

Mercutio: If you say i am too rough I say to you that this Juliet with her religion must be a wild goddess in bed but will enjoy giving you a fine whipping for your pagan ways!

Romeo: Let us enter the hall of the Capulet castle and search for my Juliet.

Mercutio: Indeed.

Lights down

Scene 7

Lights up

On stage is Juliet,and two noble ladies. They wear fancy clothing.

Woman 1( To Juliet): Oh madame I have heard the good news! Count Paris wish for your hand in marriage!

Woman 2( To Juliet): indeed! Oh how wonderful!

Juliet( To women): Yes, indeed it is wonderful. He is an handsome man. I must have some air wonderful ladies for I feel heavy. I shall approach you for talk later.

Juliet leaves stage to the right.

Lights down

Lights up

On stage is Romeo and Mercutio.

Romeo: I have seen her! She walks towards that way.

Mercutio: Then you must approach her. I for one have some tail to chase! Good luck!

Mercutio leaves to left.

Enter Tybalt from right.

Tybalt( To Romeo ): Hello there guest! A wonderful party this is. Do you have joy in you?

Romeo: Indeed. it is a wonderful ball.

Tybalt( To Romeo): I know that voice! You are Romeo Montague!

Romeo runs off-stage to left.

Tybalt: Come back here cowardly dog!

Tybalt runs off-stage to left.

Lights down

Lights up

On stage is Yakov, prince Escalus and Duke Henry.

Escalus( To Yakov): I have heard it stated that you have discovered more Verodanianium down the Capulet mines?

Yakov( To Escalus): It is incorrect your majesty. It was my mother who discovered it. She was with her congregation when they came across it.

Henry( To Yakov): fascinating this religion she follows! They truly believe in only one God? How strange! Your mother is a fine lady but she has been misguided by her compassion towards these sorry lot that work for us!

Yakov( To henry): My mother is harmless. They say Lady Juliet Capulet is eccentric but she is simply kind towards people. I personally do not believe in this God she worships but all she does is help the poor and needy. Is it such controversy to build an orphanage for orphans? it it controversy to give help to the ill? I see no controversy and only see grace.

Escalus( To Yakov): Indeed! And that is why your mother and Count Paris is a good match!

Enter servant.

Servant( To them all): Long live the revolution!

Servant draws a knife and stabs Duke Henry in the chest. Duke Henry is killed. Yakov kills the servant with a sword.

Escalus( Shouting): Assassin! Assassin! The Duke Henry has fallen by assassin blade!

Lights down

Scene 8

Lights up

On stage is Juliet. Enter Romeo from right in a rushed manner.

Romeo: J-Juliet?

Juliet: Greetings young man. Your voice sounds familiar. Do I know you?

Romeo( Takes off hat): It is I, Romeo.

Juliet: Romeo? What makes you rush so much?

Romeo: I am being chased by a madman with a blade.

Juliet: Oh how terrible! Hide! Hide here! Come! Follow me!

Juliet leads Romeo off-stage to left.

Re-enter Juliet from left.

Enter Tybalt from right.

Tybalt: Aunt! Have you seen a Montague dog!

Juliet: Why would I have seen a beast belonging to the Montagues when I am in my family's castle Tybalt?

Tybalt: No, not an actual dog. I mean a Montague person! I just saw him.

Juliet approaches Tybalt and slaps him across the face.

Juliet: You are badly behaved Tybalt! I have told you that peace is needed! If you capture this Montague what will you do? Strike him!? You fool! Behave or the Prince will have you executed!

Tybalt: I apologize aunt! I was not thinking.

Juliet: Control your rage towards the Montagues or I shall tell father about your actions!

Tybalt: I will behave aunt!

Juliet: get out of my sight you badly behaved monkey!

Tybalt leaves stage to the right looking gloomy.

Re-enter Romeo from left.

Romeo: I am full of gratitude towards you my lady.

Juliet: Do call me Juliet. Tybalt is a fool but I must ask who is more foolish? Tybalt or you? Why does a Montague enter Capulet castle?

Romeo: I came to see you sweet Juliet.

Juliet: You call me sweet? Why do you seek me?

Romeo: I have fallen for you. Like a love from Cupid's arrow and the goddes of love I have been struck by love towards you for you have saved me not once but twice. Your kindness, your grace moves me like a god of-

Juliet: All very nice but I must state that you are a lost soul. It torments me that here you are, a young man and a sinner. Do you not know the holy book? The holy book states that idolators go to hell! Your idolatry does not move me and you say you have fallen for me? You are younger than my son Yakov!

Romeo: A man and woman can love even if there is a bridge between their ages. Your elder age does not take away your beuty my lady.

Juliet: My, aren't you a charming gentleman. You are too rash with your statement of loving me. We have hardly met!

Romeo: But we have you jewel in front of my eyes! When I was in trouble you saved my life and since then I have felt love grow in me for you!

Juliet: fascinating. Why do you speak to me when you are Montague and I Capulet?

Romeo: I have none of my parents vendetta in me. i hold no ill will towards the Capulets.

Juliet: That is very good. It is fine to see a man who is not foolish. I wish to meet you again Romeo of Montague. I shall invite you to the true religion and see if it is your destiny to cleanse yourself of pagan superstition.

Sounds of shouting are heard.

Enter servant from right.

Servant( to Juliet): Lady Juliet! There has been an attack! An assassin has taken the life of the Duke Henry! You must come with me now my lady!

Juliet( To Romeo): If you have an urge to meet again then travel to the Peace Temple of Vero in two days time. Farewell Romeo.

Juliet and servant leave stage to the right.

Romeo: Juliet, oh Juliet. To have finally spoken in your presence is a joy so great that i could move a mountain! If the mountain cannot come to me then I shall go to the mountain! Oh Juliet!

Lights down.

Scene 9

Lights up

On stage is Juliet speaking to men and women in modest clothing. Juliet is in modest clothing and has her hair covered

Juliet( To Congregation): I say to you that we are all in need of salvation! Like a traveller upon the road we must defeat the obstacles on our path and reach the heaven! Heaven where there is no suffering! Where one does not feel pain,and where it is paradise beyond our imagination of our feeble minds! This Empire ruled by its idolatry loving Emperor and its filthy pagan nonsense plague the people and lead them astray to hell! Pray to the one and only God! The Creator that created this universe, worship the Creator for our salvation! The journey to invite the people of this Empire to the truth shall begin its next stage soon! God is greatest!

Congregation and Juliet shout God is greatest a few times before the congregation leaves to the right. Juliet stays.

Juliet( To herself): Oh Romeo, oh Romeo, Where are you? Why have you not appeared today? Your soul is at stake here! Do you prefer to live the life of an idol worshiper when I have invited, you to paradise? Do you prefer the joy of this world so much that you would lose the afterlife? The afterlife with its gardens? Its pure chaste beauties and rivers of honey? Oh how it makes my heart melancholy to know so many people are astray and not on the journey to paradise!

Juliet is silent and is about to leave but enter Romeo from right. He is in modest clothing.

Romeo: Speak more you sweet beauty of a saint! Like a lost man I have found myself upon the correct path! You have opened my mind to the truth oh magnificent Juliet! This afterlife and the one and only Creator you speak of I feel is truth. Oh speak more!

Juliet: Oh how joyous it is to find a man so receptive to the teachings of the great book that was created by our Lord! It matters not if I am Capulet and you Montague for if you submit to the creator you shall be my brother in religion!

Romeo: I submit myself to the Creator oh Juliet! Oh Juliet I submit myself to the one and only God that created everything! But I say to you, with full passion that I do not wish to be your brother in religion! I wish to be your husband you sweet woman of charity!

Juliet: Oh Romeo, but our age? I am old enough to be your mother!

Romeo: Age matters not for love is what I feel to you. You may be my elder but I say I care not for in my heart beats a special place for Juliet Capulet. Juliet the merciful, Juliet the compassionate, Juliet the modest, Juliet the beautiful.

Juliet: Oh how compliments leave your handsome mouth like honey from a bee hive. I am quite flattered I must say you charmer!

Romeo: I do not make compliments nor speak flattery for I speak fact.

Juliet: You have such feelings towards me?

Romeo: Yes I have these feelings as close to m, as my heart pumps blood around my vessel of a body.

Juliet: I am surprised and yet glad for I am overwhelmed by your words. Oh how you have moved me Romeo. You have moved me greatly. I find it strange yet I believe every word from your mouth. You have no inclination to marry me for my fortune nor do you have hate towards me for my Capulet blood. Oh Romeo!

Romeo: Will you marry me? Do marry me Juliet of Capulet! We shall be a good match and our love shall blossom into an alluring and attractive flower of joy!

Juliet: You speak sense to me Romeo. I feel that we are a fine match. Yes! I shall marry you!

Lights down

Scene 10

Lights up.

On stage is Romeo. He is dressed in a chicken costume. He is drunk.

Romeo: Ho! Ho! god of wine you have brought great joy to me tonight my friend!

Enter hooligans.

Hooligan 1( To Romeo): Hello ello laddie! Wha we have ere then?

Romeo( To hooligan 1): Hello there good sir! I have gotten lost.

Hooligan 2( To hooligan 1): From the accent, I'd say he's an upper caste man!

Hooligan 1( To hooligan 2): I'd agree fully!

Romeo( To Hooligan 1): Yes! I am an upper caste man and I have gotten lost and as you can see I have arrived in a place where you lower castes live. Would you mind helping a fellow out?

Hooligan 2( To Romeo): I hate your sort!( To Hooligan 1): Let's get him!

Hooligan 1 and 2 attack Romeo. Romeo is beaten severely.

Hooligan 2 takes out knife.

Hooligan 2( To Romeo): I think I'll cut off yer tongue upper caste man!

Romeo spits blood at Hooligan 2.

Romeo( To Hooligan 2): May the gods curse you lower swine!

Hooligan 2 is about to kill Romeo when men and women enter from right with Juliet. They all wear robes and the women have their hair covered.

Juliet( To hooligans): Sinners like you plague this land! Justice and purity shall prevail! ( To Men) Increase your faith brothers and sisters! Bring them to me!

Men and women grab hooligans and drag them to Juliet.

Hooligan 2 spits at Juliet.

Hooligan 2( To Juliet): Pious whore!

Juliet( Wipes away spit from her face to Hooligan 2): Young man that was truly rude! Although a filthy sinner you can have an ounce of decency I am sure!

Juliet takes out a knife from under her clothing then kills Hooligan 2 by striking him with the knife. Men and women shout God is the greatest.

Hooligan 1( To Juliet): Please don't kill me woman! Please!

Juliet( To Hooligan 1): I apologize young man but I am doing as God ordered in the Holy texts. I cannot disobey the Creator for that is a sin. Oh! How I do not wish to commit sin! Oh how I do my best! It is simple young man for my people warned you people of what would occur if you continue to commit crimes did we not? Sin is like a disease that rummages into your being like a devilish tapeworm! I must cleanse this area of you pagan or I cannot have order. Without order there is chaos.

Hooligan1( To himself): Oh help me Goddess of mercy!

Juliet( To Hooligan 1): Oh poor man! Do you not understand , that this goddess of mercy do not exist? You worship an idol and it is damaging for your soul. For your crime of disobeying the way of the Creator you shall be executed.

Juliet kills Hooligan 1.

Juliet( To men and women): Help this young man go to a doctor. What a bloodied face! Like a mashed potato!

Woman 1( To Juliet): yes sister Juliet.

Men and women pick Romeo up.

Lights down

Lights up.

On stage is Romeo with bandages on his face. Romeo is in Montague clothing.

He sits at a seat.

Enter Mercutio

Mercutio: Romeo. oh my fine friend I have heard what occurred! You fell like an innocent maid into a brood of vipers!

Romeo: Mercutio, I have had an truly rough event but I believe I have had an truly magnificent experience. I believe that my life truly has changed.

Mercutio: Why is that Romeo?

Romeo: I may tell you one day dear Mercutio but at the moment my heart is heavy. Heavy with joy.

Lights down

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