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February 9, 2015 at 4:03pm
February 9, 2015 at 4:03pm

My most precious gift is not a family air loom but something I share with past, present and future generations

My most precious gift is was not gifted to me but something I have nurtured from its very creation

My most precious gift is not displayed on a shelf but set free for all that encounter to enjoy

My most precious gift is not a reward but brings me great pride and honor

My most precious gift is not memoirs but will be my legacy once my time here has past

My most precious gift is what enhances my life daily but needs no prompting to do so

My most precious gift is my son a man he will some day be and I wish for him the precious gift of a child like him for himself.

Embracing & Feeding the writing addiction
February 9, 2015 at 2:24am
February 9, 2015 at 2:24am
"Hate is a prolonged form of suicide"

True to the core! In my experience it is the only self educed death that can be reverse of sorts. While it is true that none us will get out alive, the impression we leave in our wake can be a stain or a enrichment. The choice is ours and never finalized as long as we as have abilities.

What on earth am I taking about? I was a very angry child who prejudged many and hated those who I deemed unworthy. That hatred ate at my very soul. It turned me ugly both inside and out. I was rude, disrespectful and worse of all I shutting out so much potential. People would not invite me places for fear of what I might say or do, others would get physical due my actions or words and new people didn't even bother with the time of day considering how rude and belittling I was who could blame them.

As the years past I was enlighten by experience, mentors, and education and eventually learned not to hate so quickly. I began to treat people as I wanted to be treated. Exploring cultures and both sides of issues. I opened myself up change and eventually started liking myself. Which reflected in everything I did and it reversed the self destruction I done for so many years.

Now this is not to say I hate nothing, am never rude, or always respectful. I am human and I do make mistakes, prejudge at times, get ugly or have off days. Even though it took awhile for others to see the change was permanent, once they did I got the type of interactions with people I wanted.

No one is perfect, but as long as I can hold my head high and own who I am, I am living right.


Embracing & Feeding the writing addiction
February 8, 2015 at 8:45am
February 8, 2015 at 8:45am
"Marrying is not marriage"

Here is a statement that the youth should be a hearing to. It could just be my part of the world, but the youth seem to have invented this odd in/out marrying thing.

Youth will marry one for the statue, benefits, or just to escape whatever is going on at home. Now I get that not everyone has a good home life, insurance is expensive and some may look at you differently if you are married. However, there is a lot more to a marriage than just marrying someone and that seems to be lost on the youth in my area.

I work with a 23yr old that has been "married" 3 times and is in the process of planning her 4th wedding. 23!
She married her first the week she turned 18. To some 35 year old man that she claims tricked her into believing she was the only women he ever loved, then brought her to up state to meet his 21yr old twins. She divorced him & won 1/2 his estate. The 2nd husband was his son to whom she managed to have twins with so she was getting alimony and child support every month from him.

The 3rd was a military guy that was part of some unit that was away a lot she gets life long benefits for her and the twins from the 2nd "marriage' for life due to 'marital neglect and abandonment' law the armed forces has. She was 'released from her vowed commitment' shortly after her 21st birthday. She went to Vegas to celebrate her freedom, hooked up with this latest victim.

Some middle aged well off idiot that goes around talking as if this is a life long commitment. Despite plenty of people informing him of her history. He is paying for the wedding, while paying for the twins to go to private school. Yet, still says this will be different and tells anyone that will listen just how much he loves her and she loves him...Fool.

I know a kid down the street from my local park that is only 21 with 4 devoices. She got permission from her parents when she was 16yrs old to marry her 1st husband. Once that happen the state saw her as an adult and no longer required parents permission for adult actions. She has not made a living off these guys like the one I work with has, but to talk to her about them she references gains she got out marrying them. Like the girl I work with they never speak of love, connections, or even common ground.

There are many more I could go on forever. It just saddens me to think that love has turned into a pet greeting like saying "howdy stranger" to a friend you haven't seen in awhile.

I have been married for 20 years. We dated for about 2 years before thinking of that step and even than we discussed the finer points of what we wanted out of life such as kids, careers and such before moving forward. We took our vows to heart when we said them to one another and we are devoted to working everyday to keeping though vows. Our love has produced children, grandchildren and homes and not once did we look at each other as a living, a mean of escape, or how to rise up in the worlds eyes.

Marrying is not a marriage, not these days. At least not around these parts. I weep so hard for the generations to come.

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