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by Kitt
Rated: 13+ · Book · Romance/Love · #2036128
Finding love no matter how you try to avoid it.
This story is about both of the main characters and their journey to each other and love in a small Texas town. Each has their own issues to deal with and decisions to make about what they want their lives to be like. Sometimes finding the right one can be a challenging process. This is also about facing our demons and moving past them so we can live our lives fully. 

* This is a work in progress and I will add more entries as they are completed.
Entry # 1 Chapter Five: 6.62k
Entry # 2 Chapter Four: 5.67k
Entry # 3 Chapter Three: 27.29k
Entry # 4 Chapter Two: 14.36k
Entry # 5 Chapter One: 5.29k

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