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Isa makes her way to France.
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Isa waited with bated breath while the caller read out the numbers and sat down with relief when he brought the card back to the table.
'We just have to wait now and see if there are any other winners at the other venues,' and she sat down on the seat to play the next game. Nan brought her a cup of sweet tea and then took her seat beside her. It wasn't long before they announced she was the sole winner and she had won three thousand pounds.The caller handed the cheque at the end of the game.

When she entered the house Jack was already home and he gave her a thrashing for not being in to make his supper, and she decided she was going in the morning. She went upstairs and bathed her cuts and bruises and locked herself in the spare room not before warning him if he came near her she would call the police, and he gave her more verbal abuse.

In the morning when he went to work she packed a suitcase with winter and summer clothes and then went to the phone and made her travel enquiries She was to pick up the tickets for the ferry at the bus station travel shop. She was to be away from the house before he was due in from work at six, and Isa was to board her bus at five thirty She would leave the house at four just before dark.
To be continued.

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