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Rated: 13+ · Book · Crime/Gangster · #2045538
Jack hires a private detective.

Excerpt B:

.'Have you not got the tea ready?' called Jack
'Just waiting on the potatoes. ' Isa replied, willing them to cook. 'She didn't want to upset him, and she prodded them again.
'That will do, I'll put a little butter on them.'
'I'm going upstairs and when I come down I will expect my dinner on the table.'
She laid the plate of stew and potatoes on the table.
'We mustn't keep you from your cronies. ' Isa mimicked. It's not as if you take me any where
to the community hall, and if he knew she was going to the bingo he would give her less money for housekeeping.
He appeared at the dining table dressed in his second best suit, a charcoal grey, black suede shoes, and a red tie with matching handkerchief in the top pocket. Isa thought, I don't know who you are dressing up for? I know it's not for me.

Jack looked at the stew and mumbled, but Isa was in the kitchen and she didn't hear him and when he went out of the house she took her apron off, tidied her hair to go to the bingo.
Nan was her friend at work and she was calling for Isa, and it wasn't long before there was a knock on the door. Nan had arrived.

The bingo was just around the corner and she was always home before jack. She had won a few times, and was saving the money under the carpet. What Nan didn't know was she intended to leave Jack, and go and live in France, it was her dream and she decided to make it happen. She had taken enough of his bullying, and as she had no children there wasn't anything standing in her way.
The big game was the national where all the bingo halls played one game and winner takes all.
They settled into their seats and Isa collected the teas. The bingo was about to start, and the caller began by saying 'eyes down.'
Nan was playing the game well, and won a few lines, but Isa was still hoping. The caller announced it was time for the big game and everybody was listening with intent. Isa was marking the numbers off fast, she was only waiting on two 44 and top of the shop 90.The caller called 44 and the sweat broke from her forehead. 90 he cried and she screamed 'Bingo!'


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