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Notes from my lessons learned back in 2001 on tools for healing and living life!
April 10th 2001
Hot and sunny
A turning of a page in life...
Diana's handbook of recovery
Gainesville, Georgia

Holding onto hope

Don't feel like you have to resolve everything right now...

( Authors note :Before I get to the rest of this book,which is a small notebook 5 x 3 and is very old! I must add some details for the reader to be clear what caused me to write this and copy down many quotes,from different sources. Some from books I was reading, others from the "baby Internet--still growing...Some advice from the counselors and others who worked with me to understand ways to cope and deal with the world and others,including myself... I bought this book after I left a hospital In Georgia,after one of my breakdowns from stress and other factors. All my life I looked for inspiration and ways to live with my depression and other brain issues over the years. That year I learned for the 1st time I had PTSD also. That it could be caused in others besides being in war as a Vet. It was valid as another kind of stress disorder as sometimes in life some have dealt with tragic times which can seem like being in a war of wits,trying to survive and make sense of a world which can sometimes deal some "Bad Cards". Still there is is much to be thankful for and people who come our way to maybe just pass on a smile or a word of wisdom we may need at that time. Waiting for a bus and someone sits down and is going through the same type of thing we may be dealing with. I have always believed "everything happens for a reason",though we may find other wisdom and not what we wanted to know at the time,sometimes we hear something more helpful!)

#2. Words from the heart ❤️ 6 year's later.
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#1. Chap 1 Don't feel like it all needs to be fixed right now!
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