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The Reincarnation of the Spirit
The atheist assert that life is finite and deny immortality.
The Gnostic believe that all matter is evil and must be purged.
But, the theist Catholics, believe in the resurrection of the body.
Many Jews believe in this too in a general resurrection in the restoration
of Israel and the Temple. In the Gospels it is written some Jews believed
Jesus was John the Baptist reborn. Hindu believe in the reincarnation of the spirit.
But, Zen teaches that the soul is only a reflection of the illusion about us.

Why do we pray to a God, who already knows our inner most secrets?
We cannot instruct God or alter the Divine plan. We pray , because of
our utter dependence on a higher consciousness. We need purpose.
A Zen student asked a teacher , "Why do good men suffer, while evil men prosper?"
The Master replied, "Why do we allow it?"
Zen is not passive. Although, many wars have been fought in the name of Jesus.
Jesus did not want his followers to rise up against the Roman Empire.
That would be futile.+

Where did Jesus go after the resurrection?
Jesus walked through the streets of Jerusalem after the resurrection and spoke
with the Apostles and ... then he floated away on a cloud.
The Council of Nicene declared that Jesus ascended into Heaven after his crucifixion
and resurrection. This is a dogma of faith for Christians.+
Arius was a Christian apologist at that time, who argued that Jesus did not rise from the dead.
He believed Jesus was a great prophet, but not a God.
He wrote songs about his belief in one God and a mortal Jesus.
The majority of the Council of Nicene supported the divinity of Jesus and the resurrection
and ascendance of God's only son.
The Council of Jerusalem was presided over by the Apostle Peter and predates Nicene ..
Peter declared that , "The gentiles were not bound by Mosaic Law, but they must accept
the Divinity of Jesus." The Apostle James spoke about the teaching of Jesus on the Holy Spirit
which is in all men.

Arius argued at the Council of Nicene , "That there is only one God."
He also asserted that Jesus would have to come down off his cloud eventually.
In these times Hell was a physical place under ground. The Gospels speak of Jesus
walking down a cave in Jerusalem after his resurrection and rescuing the righteous from Hell.
They had been trapped in Hell until the coming of the messiah.
Arius, therefore, concluded that Jesus was physically floating on a cloud somewhere or
the story was false. The Council of Nicene set as dogma the existence of Heaven
and Jesus reign in his Heavenly kingdom. Where this physical Heaven existed was not
given a definite sentence.

Buddhism holds to the eight fold path of enlightenment, which is a life in balance.
Buddha sits upon a cloud with a third eye on his forehead with it
he sees the past and present and future at once. This is called Nirvana .. ..
There is a story of a thief , who goes to heaven.
Everything is provided for him, but he is very unhappy.
Buddha asks the thief why he is displeased.
The thief replies, "I am a thief. I need to steal what I want."
In an instance the thief is reincarnated into a field mouse.
The thief has found Nirvana.
He can steal to his heart's content.

I think many modern thinkers misinterpret the religious mind.
There is a need for transcendence in all religions.
Perhaps, this is wishful thinking. But, it builds pyramids and nations.
"We hold these truths to be self evident.
That all men are created equal and endowed with inalienable rights."
Why? Natural law is the survival of the fittest.
The Declaration of Independence was written by theist;
most of which were Masonic Templar Knights.

What will follow into the 22nd century?

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