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A private eye story.
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False Intentions

contents. Book1

False Intentions

Book 2]

Stitched Up

Book 1 Eagle’s Way False Intentions.

False Intentions

Eddie wandered around the office sorting files making work to keep from being

"Oh if things don't pick up soon this will be another business going to
the wall." He muttered under his breath.
He turned his computer on to see if any clients had logged into his website.
He was just about to pick up the phone.
"I’m looking for Eddie Eagle is he in?"
A tall girl with auburn colour hair stood in front of him. She had legs all the way up to her arm pits.

Looking casually dressed, but smart he replied
"What can I do for you?" He held out his hand to greet her, and he pointed to a chair at the other side of the desk.
“My sister lives in Malta, and wants to come home, but because she is
Pregnant, a court order has been taken out to protect the birth, and he is
Insisting that she stays in Malta until she has the child, the reason for coming
home to England is he is cheating on he
” She took a breath and added
I haven’t heard from her for months, and she writes regularly, and he has
blocked my phone calls. I’m afraid for her safety”
And you want me to investigate, it will be expensive, are you sure?"
"It doesn't matter, and she handed Hine thousand lira, and she also
Paid for his flight
"Let's get down to business what do you Know?"
She gave him a photo of the person her brother-in-law was seeing. He looked at the picture, and he almost whistled. She was a lovely looking blond,
and he could see why her brother in-law was tempted A few more details over a cup of tea and he was now booking his flight to Malta, and he booked to stay at the ‘Draganora Hotel, in Saint George's Bay.’
He had his first job and he was flying out tomorrow night.
Paula his wife was worried about Eddie going to abroad, but she knew he had
to make a start somewhere.
“Be careful, and don’t take unnecessary risks.” She chided while she helped him
to pack.

Eagle’s Way
Eddie kissed his wife as he was leaving her at the customs gate.
"I'll call you tonight," He called, as he was going through to passport control
Paula left and went straight to her car. She had never been on her own before,
and she hoped she wouldn't be scared
Living alone. She was home in no time, and she had an idea she would call in at her mother's and ask if she would like to spend a few days with her.
She the bell and her mother answered
"What brings you here at this time?"
"Oh Eddie has gone to Malta. I was seeing him off at the airport. I came to ask if you would like to stay with me for a few days."
"I will pack an overnight bag. She went into the kitchen and made tea, and her mother was getting ready.

At the airport, Eddie was settling into his seat on the plane. It was a three
hour flight and he watched some TV, and when the drinks trolley came round him
had a beer, and a whisky topped up with lemonade. He liked a little nip now and
again, so he had another, and this gave him a happy feeling, as though he was going on holiday. He had to remind he was working, and not on a holiday. The plane landed smoothly and soon he was going through passport control.

The hotel was separated from all the other hotels and closed in from the road
with an arched gate. The casino and a sports lido were in the same area.
The view from the window looked out to the gardens and the sea. He
quickly unpacked and changed into shorts
and a T shirt. The night was young,
and the resort was buzzing. He opened his bottle of scotch, a fine blend of
Grouse whiskey and he poured himself a large measure. He took the keys from
the dresser and left the hotel. The first stop was to one of the take- a way’ shops in the street, and ordered food and sat out on a bench and ate. Across the road was the Reef Bar, and he made his way to it. He noticed that the people
in it were mostly tourists, and the Maltese people visited the open bars dotted
around the vicinity. He will remember this when he was investigating tomorrow.

He was wakened in the morning by the birds chirping from the garden, and he looked at the clock. It was six thirty, and he went to the shower room. He
Showered and shaved and was ready to eat breakfast When the dining room
opened. He was shown to a table. The waitress was just about to ask him for his
order. A young lady arrived at the table
"Do you mind if I join you?" And she was already pulling her chair out to join
"I will give you a moment sir, to get to know each other.”
"I'm Eddie." He held out hand to greet his new dining room friend.
They chatted over breakfast, and he had found out where she lived and most
of her personal life in ten minutes. It was his police training. As the saying goes ‘

‘Once a policeman always a policeman. ‘He was finished breakfast, and was
about to say goodbye.
“Do you mind if I join you as we seem to be on our own.”
He was caught unaware and heard himself say.
“ If you like.”
And they both left the restaurant together, and they sat around the pool for a
while. Eddie’s attention turned to the job he was brought out here to do.
‘I’m going I will see you later.” And he went back to his apartment collected a
map of the island, the photographs and set off. He took the local bus to the St
Julian’s where his client’s sister lived... Karen and John Martin lived in Josephs
street... When he disembarked from the bus at the harbour, his first task was to the
bar This was where he would gain most of his information, and would probably
find john Martin. He entered the cafe bar and ordered a coffee. He chatted with the girl that served him as though he was on holiday.
‘Is this the main resort for night life? And what’s on in the way of entertainment?”
“Oh no there is quite a lot of pubs het you want to go to pace –
Ville, it’s in St George’s Bay”
He had just come from Pace-Ville, but he had to see Joseph Street where the
Martins lived.

Eagle’s Way


Eddie arrived at the hotel and went straight for his evening meal, and he took the

same place as he had in the morning. A few minutes later his friend arrived. They
had shared the same table at breakfast.
"Can I share with you?
"Of course you can."
She pulled out her chair and sat and waited for the waiter to serve
Eddie ordered a car to take him around the island, and to tail John and to find Karen.
Next morning he was up early and gave breakfast a miss. He was parked on the
street, a safe distance away from john's house. He could watch him come and go.
John had Karen locked in an apartment in the attic and she was pleading with
him to release her.
you will do. Run, when my guard is down." He left her

pleading on deaf ears, and he left the attic without saying another word.
Eddie followed him to Saint Paul's Bay. John pulled in at the parking bay and
parked his car. Eddie quickly parked his car a little further from him, keeping a
look out which direction he was heading. He was a few paces behind him. He
turned into a bar, and Eddie followed him. It was quite busy, and he looked
to see where John was. He spotted him he was ordering is pint, he was speaking
with the bartender and seemed to be on good terms with hi
“You’re busy today?” The next customer.John lifted his pint went to play the slot machine. Eddie sat at the
counter and ordered a pint. He looked around him and muttered.

"What a miserable room.”
.It was dark, and had one long bench where most of the customers sat, but he
Preferred to sit at one of the table's.
He joined John at the slot machines and engaged in conversation with him.
"How often do the machines pay out?"
John responded with a detailed explanation of how often the machines paid out.
Just as they were chatting, in walked the blond. Eddie spotted her right away She looked around the bar and smiled when she saw John
"Excuse me, I have just seen my friend." And he went to meet her. They
both took a seat at the bar.

Eddie stayed close to them and managed to get a sandwich, when they
ordered a meal. After their meal, they left the bar. Eddie was quickly
on their heels following them in his car.
He followed them to Valletta, the capital of Malta.
After parking their car they went into a hotel Eddie walked into the hotel and
nodded to John. He wouldn't be any the wiser as to what hotel he was staying at .
He walked past the reception desk as though he knew where he was
going. John looked at him.

‘ “I think I’m being followed. Let’s ge tout .”
Eddie realized his cover was blown, and decided he would try tomorrow.

Eagle’s Way
He lay in bed late next morning. He decided to go to John's in the afternoon and nose around, and see if there is any sign of Karen. It was Sunday, and he strolled down to the phone box. He would phone and report how he was doing to Paula at the office, and phone his client. On his way back, to pick the car up he met his dining room friend Susan.
"Hello, haven't seen you around lately?"
Eddie, not wishing to disclose where he has been, answered.
"Oh I have been around."
She looked at the car.
"I wouldn't mind a run in your car?"
she said. He said he was busy today, but he would drop her off in Saint Julian's, and would pick her up again in a few hours. They drove off towards their destination.
"Eddie disclosed to her that he wasn't on holiday, but bent the truth a little.
"I work for a travel company, and I have business there today."

He dropped her off and at the high street stores, and arranged to meet her at

five in the evening. He made his way to Joseph's Lane and parked the car

where he had a view of the house. He had previous been to see a pet shop and

bought some mild sleeping tablets for dogs. Wrapped up in a piece of meat. The

bait for the dog lay ready beside him.

John came out of the house. Eddie ducked down low in the car, so he wouldn't see him when he drove past him. He took the meat with the sleeping tablets. He crossed over the road towards the gate and was surprised to see the blond sitting sunning herself on the Terra's. He crept back to the car, and he knew John must be coming back. He counted the windows of the house, and there were eleven. The window on top was a long narrow, and he thought he saw a movement of the curtain, but before he could investigate more John came round the corner. Eddie ducked down and waited until he passed.
It was a while before any movement was made at the apartment, almost an hour, and he paid close attention to the house. The blond went into the car and drove off leaving John. It looked as he was going to settle in for the night. He decided to leave and go and pick up his friend.
They drove back to the hotel and Eddie arranged to meet her at the dining room in an hour. They had a pleasant evening. A few drinks and one thing led to another. The few drinks they had relaxed them, and in Susan's apartment, Eddie suggested.
"Oh let's have a night cap."
He collected the bottle of scotch. The drinks made them relax, and he couldn't help himself. He leaned over to kiss her, and she kissed him back and began to unbuckle his belt from his trousers, and they both undressed each other, and ended up in bed together releasing their sexual urges.
He wakened and looked at Susan, and he felt guilty. He had cheated on Paula. He slipped out of the bed, and went along to his own room to sleep.

Eagle’s Way
Next morning he was up early and driving towards Saint Julian’s. There was little traffic on the road. He parked the car on a side street, and he took the carrier bag with hat and spectacles. He put them on and walked towards the gate.
inside the house, Karen was sleeping. Her captive had given her a sleeping pill. John and his mistress Kate were in bed, but not sleeping.
"I wish this was all over, said Kate.
"It won't be long another two months, and she will deliver the baby. Then we will get rid of her."
“What do you mean get rid of her?"
"Send her packing back to England."
What he didn't tell Kate that he was going to have her killed. He, Kate, and the baby were going to create a new life together away from Malta. He had already picked a spot to bury Karen. A pretty place with wild flowers, he at least owed her that. He thought,
“She won’t know it's coming he had it all arranged.”
Kate wanted a child so much, but couldn't have a child of her own. She was devastated when they told her at the clinic. She met john at a dance in the hospital where they both worked. He told her his wife no longer wanted to see him

and went to live in the attic apartment. He said they had agreed that he should have the baby when born, and she was going back to England.
Outside Eddie waited for someone to appear at the door of the house. Kate appeared and went into her car and drove off. An hour later John appeared too wearing a hospital uniform.
"Now we are progressing, I can gather information on him."
He waited, and he followed the car keeping a safe distance from him, so he didn't suspect he was being followed. He must find out where Karen was.
"It looked as though John and Karen have split up." He said chasing after John's car. He drove to Saint Julian and parked up from John’s house. He waited, and it wasn't long before John made an appearance. Eddie followed him to Silema, and when he parked the car. Eddie also parked. He followed him to a store, and when John went into the store He watched through the window. He was buying baby food, and clothes.
"Well it won't be long before you lead me to her."
He came out of the store, and Eddie followed him, and was surprised when he returned to the house.
"She has been here all the time."
And took up his position to watch the house. He wondered why he hadn't seen Karen, and realized she was being held captive.
John appeared, and he had his uniform on. Eddie was aware he would be going to work.
From the car, he took the mild sedatives and the bread roll to entice the dog. He made his way towards the house and the dog began barking, but Eddie slipped into the grounds. He threw the dog the bread roll, keeping a safe 0distance the dog sniffed around the roll and then began to eat.
He made his way past the sleeping dog and round the back where it was more private. Taking his knife to loosen the catch of the window, and he climbed through into the house.
"She is not here." and he was going through each room. When he entered the top of the house, there were two sets of stairs, one set lead up to the top of the house the attic apartment and Eddie made his way up the attic stairs. He came to a door and tried the handle it was locked. He was about to walk away, and he heard a faint cry from inside. He listened to the door, and there was no sound.
"I must be losing my marbles."
He was about to go downstairs, and he decided to try the handle again, but he was stopped in his tracks, when he saw from the window John pull’s up in the car. He knew he had to get out fast. He climbed back out the window and closed it behind him. He arrived safely at his car and drove off. At home, he was busy reflecting on his finding of the day. He was convinced that he heard someone in the room. He will go back and see, but not tomorrow, he thought they would be aware of the dog being drugged. He again thought perhaps he should go after the blond, and see if she would lead him to the affair they had. Up until
Now they had no proof.
Eagle’s Way
He arrived outside Johns home.
"What the hell has happened here?"
He said in shock. The house was all boarded up and shutters closed, and the occupants had moved.
She must have been there, and he was mad with himself for not realizing that Karen must have been in the house, when he was there last night.
The dog being drugged must have alerted John. There was nothing he could do here, and he decided to go back to the hotel. The first thing he did was the phone the office to his wife, and he told her the story ending saying.
"I know where he works I will try and tail him again it means I'm going to be here a little longer."
"I will give the client your update, and we have other clients waiting." She said letting Eddie know he needs to be home.
At lunch time, he joined his friend in the restaurant and when he was chatting he had an Idea.
“Do you fancy joining we can go for a drive and take in some of the sights?"
They finished their meal and left the restaurant. Mary went to her room and picked her handbag and cardigan from the wardrobe, and then they left the hotel.
"I have just one errand to do before we set off."
He drove to the car rental and had the car changed for a different model and colour. He made the excuse to Mary that the car was faulty. John was in the hospital, and was about to finish his shift and was Eddie was in the pub across from the hospital. He had given Mary a story that he may leave her for ten minutes.
"Its work doesn't ask what kind." and she nodded and waited while John went to his car, and Eddie chased after him.
John had no Idea he was being followed because Eddie was keeping well back behind him. He led him to a quiet area just outside Saint Pall's Bay. A secluded area with trees and land all around it. Eddie passed by as John went into the house. Kate came out to meet him.
"Got you." Said Eddie.
He went back to his friend and had a few drinks.
“What exactly do you do, this work of yours?"
“I’m a rep, and I have worked all over the island."
"You’re behaving as though you have something to hide.”
"Not quite, this is business mixed with pleasure."
They stayed at the pub until eight and Eddie realized John wasn't coming back to collect his girlfriend.
"Let's get you back to our hotel."

Back at Johns house Karen was in her first pains of labour, John said
"I will get the nurse."
“Karen picked up the words and had a glimmer of hope. She could pass the information to her that she was being held captive. She didn't know it was his girlfriend he was calling.
"Karen's in labour if you want this baby you better come now."
She finished phoning and thought,
Why all this secrecy if she is willing to give John the baby?"

Eagle’s Way.


Karen was in the last stages of labour

"Where is this nurse?"

"She will be here" said John

Just then the bell rang, and Kate was at the door. John let her in.
"I'm not sure about this I can be struck off, let's get an ambulance, and send her
to a hospital
"It's too late for hospitals, she will have the baby here. Kate was still confused
why he wanted her to have the baby at home.
"If you are convinced that she doesn't want the baby and is willing to hand the child over to you. Why is she have it here and risking the birth? There maybe
He rushed her up to the room, Karen looked at Kate and said.
"Get her out of here I'm not having your mistress delivering my baby."
"I want to go to the hospital. You can't keep me captive here."
Kate looked at john in shock.

"What is she saying keeping her captive?"

At this moment, Karen let a scream out. It was too late to do anything, the baby
was coming. Kate had no other option, but to deliver the baby. When it was over
and Karen was so tired John took the baby from her and gave Karen a mild
a sleeping draught.

"What shall we call him?" He said to Kate.
I don't know if I want to call him any name, he is Karen's baby not mine."
"He will be yours I will see to that."
Kate left and said she would see him at work, and when Karen goes home to
England. She didn't want to antagonize her anymore, and she certainly wasn't
getting involved in any illegal plans, he has in mind.
Karen had been given the sleeping draught, and was sleeping

Next morning Eddie drove to Saint Paul's Bay. He went to the house wherhe followed John to. A sign
'To let' was erected outside the premises. He had
come to a dead end.

Karen wakening up and finding herself on a boat, let out a scream to try and alert
attention, but it was impossible. The noise from the waves and the sea water hitting the sides of the high speed boat, just were too loud for anyone to hear. }John laughed at her efforts.

"Nobody will hear you, and If I were I would concentrates on making our son
"Why so you and your mistress can play happy families. It will not happen.
I fought you in court and I won, I have the right to leave, and you can’t hold me
here. She screamed at him”
He wasn't listening, and her words were lost to the noise of the boat and the
sea waves crashing against the sides of it.

Back in Malta Eddie is still trying to find John, in the hope he will lead him t
Eddie made enquiries around the area, pretending to be interested in

He first went to the bar, where he first followed John, to in Saint Julian’s,
and he was talking to the bar man.
"I'm thinking of staying on for a while do you know of any properties for rent?"
"No but if I hear of any I will let you know." He paused and then said
“Where are you staying? I have a friend who has a place, but he is in Gozo for a while. He may rent his place out in Saint Paul's Bay."

“Oh no I was hoping to find one around here."
He didn't say any more. He just turned to the next customer. Eddie finished his
pint and made his way out of the bar. His snooping paid off, and he was sure that
the bar man's friend was John.
Eddie kept the room in the hotel but booked at the main holiday resort in Gozo.
Next day he and his car were driving on to the ferry for Gozo
When he settled into his room in the hotel, he lay down for a rest.
"I will go to the bars around the resort tonight I may just run into John."

"Karen it's time to feed Tommy" John shook her on the shoulder. She was
struggling to wake.
"Why am I so tired?"
"It's the baby, you are up during the night." he said. But the truth was he gave
her a sleeping draught again to keep her disorientated, She looked around her,

and thought,
"Another derelict place."
The view from the window was just waste ground as though whoever bought the
land planned to build on to it. She picked Tommy up and cradled him in her arms
and said.
"I will have to find a way out of here."

Eagle’s Way


Karen roamed the flat unlike the other she was not locked into a special room,
but she was locked in the house. With Bruno their Doberman dog to guard the
home he was sure nobody would come near.
"I will get out of here if it's the last thing I do."
She picked Tommy out of his cradle and began to dress him. John had gone into

"Yes we will get out of here my precious."
She said to the baby playing with him as she was changing him.
Eddie spotted John coming out of multi storey car park his car park. He ducked
down so not to be seen
"Ah the game is on again."
From his glove box in the car he took the hat and sun glasses, put them on, and
mingled with the others going out of the car park. Keeping John in his sight.
He followed him to a bar with several other little bars in a row of each other.
Eddie took a seat in one of the other bars, and as the seats were all outdoors. He
had a lovely view of him.
He was on the move again, and Eddie payed his bar bill and followed him back
to the car park.
"Selfish Pig, he gets some fresh air and his pint, and he has Karen locked
away.somewhere." he muttered to himself.
They drove out of the car park and on to the main road. Eddie followed keeping well back so John didn't suspect he was being followed.
Karen looked around for something to whack John on the head, and she decided
to try and loosen one of the slats shutters from the window shutters. She pulled
at the panel until one came lose...
"Yes gotcha we will soon be out of here my pet."
She found a pair of Johns Jeans and a sweater, and quickly dressed.
"I have no clothes I can wear of my own so yours will have to do."

Eddie continued to follow john’s car he drove through winding roads and away
out of the tourist resort.
“He has her hidden well by the looks of this road.” He thought.
Suddenly John turned into a drive way with no trespassing, and Eddie continued
past the house, but kept an eye on the car through the back window. When John
entered the house, he backed the car nearer, but out of sight.
Karen heard the car drive on to the gravel driveway. She rushed to pick her
weapon up and stood behind the door. As he opened it and stepped into the
room she brought the piece of wood down on his head, and down he dropped on
to the floor. He was out cold. She picked the carrier bag he had in his hand and
the baby and made a run for the door. Bruno was sleeping in the yard and saw
Karen but he just let her go. He didn’t see her as a threat.
She run out of the driveway, she had no idea which way to run and said.
“Please let him stay down and please don’t let me have killed him.”

Eddie saw Karen and called to her. . She stopped in her tracks and was in
doubt asking herself.
“Who is this is it one of Johns friends.”
Eddie went to help her.
“Get into the car your sister has hired me to find you.”
She jumped into the car, and Eddie drove away from the house.
She told him all about being held captive, and he said
“I don’t think he would let you away alive Karen. I think the police should be
involved now. They drove the car to the nearest police station and instead of
being concerned for Karen’s safety they put both Eddie and Karen
through a great ordeal of questioning, but eventually believed them and sent
Police to the premises, but there was no sign of John.

John came round from his whack on the head from Karen. He sat dazed before
he realised what had happened to him.
“Bitch she whacked me on the head.”
He knew she would go to the police so he gathered some clothes together and
his passport. He would be able to take the ferry to Scissile. The ferry was due to
leave in two hours’ time. He may
ferry, and was asked no questions so far he was safe.
Kate was picked up by the police for questioning but was later released,
because she didn’t know Karen was being held captive. She helped with the
delivering the baby and thought that Karen was rambling with the pain.
As she was leaving the station she felt sad. She believed John when he
said he was to have custody of Tommy. Her eyes misted over and tears began to
flow. “It looks as though I have lost them both. Karen travelled back to England with Eddie and Karen travelled back to England, and she was reunited with her sister.
John was arrested in Sicily and brought back to Malta. Karen will
have to return to Malta for his trial.
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