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Where do non-bible folks fit in?
Zeus had many children by mortal women.
It was common in ancient times to believe in demigod heroes.
Most people do not believe in Zeus today.
But, many believe today that Jesus is the son of God.

Christianity is still politically relevant ..
Islam is still politically relevant.
Judaism is still politically relevant.
Hindu and Buddhist faith is still relevant.

In an age of scientific analyst and technical wonders,
an atheist Presidential candidate cannot be elected.
They must believe in the Bible.
Is there any doubt that ISIS is faith based in the Koran?
How can a genocidal fanatic be reasoned with?
It is an easy matter to demonize your enemy.
It is difficult to find a solution that does not require genocide.

The Bible is filled with passages that call for the genocide of Arab tribes.
Should a Bible believing President nuke Isis in Syria?
Honest to God I think that holocaust is very near.
Islam is the largest religion in the world and Isis may be gaining popularity.
I do not know why God allows such evil.

The Divine tradition cannot be questioned it is dogmatic .+
Roman Catholics believe that the Pope is infallible in matters of faith.
Why? I think and reason without the Divine infallibility of the Pope.
I don't understand why morality can only be believed and not proven.
An anarchist society cannot function.

I need a nap...
Is this the guide a U.S. President should use?

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