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The intervention of some creative object.
Muzzy walks along the Charles River.
He spots a blonde girl sitting on a bench.
"Hey! That's a nice outfit." Muzzy remarks.
"I'm Super Girl." the lanky girl answers.
Muzzy puts on his glasses and leans forward.
He can see the family crest of Zorel on the blue tog;
a large S.

"Wow! Ehm.. Why is your arm in a sling?" Muzzy queries.
The girl looks at the river, "I broke it jumping off a garage."
Muzzy rubs the back of his head, "You know you can't fly."
"I just wanted to do something spectacular , cause my life
is so boring." the girl sobs into Muzzy's hollow chest.
He offers her a Jelly Baby.

"I blame television. It's full of unrealistic advertisements,
like the Super Girl series. How many girls can live up to that?
Nancy Drew was a more practical detective show for girls."
Muzzy gets a smile from the skinny superhero.
She holds Muzzy's hand, "I know I can fly. Its matter of mind
over matter." She stands on the back of the bench and leaps
toward the river.

Her head hits the pavement.
"Holy crap!" Muzzy cradles the girls limp body in his arms.
There is a lot of blood coming from a gash in her forehead.
Muzzy calls an ambulance on his Obama phone.
"Somewhere over the rain-rainbow blue birds fly.." the girl whispers.
Muzzy raps the head wound with his scarf.

The ambulance arrives and Muzzy tries to explain.
"So a girl dressed in a Super Girl costume jumped off the bench?"
the officer asks, looking seriously incredulously at Muzzy.
"Yes. She was delusional. I gave her a Jelly Baby." Muzzy smiles.
"When did you give her a Jelly Baby?" the officer asks.
"After she broke her arm... jumping off a garage." Muzzy gulped a
Jelly Baby. Muzzy was handcuffed.

The girl had regained consciousness at the hospital and explained
Muzzy innocence , after being unconscious for two days.
Muzzy was released from the county lockup.
He vowed never to approach Super Girl again.

Reflections: Profit by the successive trials of life to gain strength and courage.
They will become the stepping stones to a celebrity lifestyle.


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