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Is it true, because it is truth?
"The kingdom of God comes not with observation...
the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke xvii; 20,21)
"God is a Spirit; and they that worship Him,
must worship Him in spirit and in truth." (John iv; 24)
If this is so, then the Church is only visible to God.

Savonarola in the fifteenth century was a Catholic Dominican ,
who like Martin Luther argued for less Papal control over the faithful.
He believed in the self-reformation of the power of morality in the
human spirit.+ Martin Luther accomplished a separation from the
Papal Seed in the sixteenth century with his declaration of
"Salvation through faith alone."

The Papacy declares a Divine right to the Apostolate faith.
They prove this from the Gospels, then prove the Gospels by
the Bible verses. This is circular reasoning.
The Divine inspiration of the Bible must be proven,
as well as, the Gospels' claims.

There is a golden rule in most successful societies ..
It is a productivity through social convention.
Adolf Hitler raised up Germany from under a crushing war debt.
The NAZI rule was cruel and ruthless.
But, Hitler's ambition for world conquest was his undoing.
They were defeated by superior fire power.

Hitler was a baptized Catholic, who practiced satanic cultism.
Stalin was a baptized Catholic, who practiced atheism dialectical materialism.
Stalin survived World War II.
Pope Pius XII aided NAZI leaders in their escape from war crimes tribunals
in Nuremberg. (see: Hitler's Pope, Pope Pius XII; Vanity Fair publication.)

How could an infallible Pope help NAZI generals escape justice?
There has been a long history of anti-semitism in the Catholic Church
and wicked popes.
Pope Eugenius IV condemn Joan of Arc to be burned as a witch in 1415 ,
while Pope Benedict XV, declared her to be a saint in 1919.
Pope Alexander VI openly lived a hedonistic lifestyle and executed a nun
who he had impregnated in 1495. Is this the holy seed of the Apostle Peter?
Pope Leo XIII ; History of the Popes, "The Church holds to the Apostolic
faith... Pope Alexander VI did obtain the papacy by the rankest simony and
he brought his office into disrepute by his unconcealed nepotism and
lack of moral sense in incest and poisoning ... cannot effect the spirit of his
office, Sacraments, or transmitting doctrine. The gold remains gold in impure
as in pure hands."

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