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Essay or report writing, academic life and many other daily tips for you...
Practice Your Critical Thinking

Every person daily makes dozens of decisions. They vary from choosing a cheese for sandwich to deciding what class in a college to choose. You wake up in the morning and start making decisions. Still, there are good decisions and bad ones. Becoming a truant, not doing home assignments, not preparing to term testing – here are bad decisions. Improving grades, developing writing skills, attending various courses and training – these decisions are good. Critical thinking helps people define what decisions are good and what are bad. This skill is so essential for everyday life because sometimes the decisions we make are vital and can change our lives.

How critical thinking can help students? There is a question. Every student weekly faces with writing assignments. Critical thinking develops ability to pick up right arguments and powerful evidences, selecting appropriate key points and revealing the topic. Of course it’s possible to order essay online from British Essay Writer   and get quality paper within several days but writing it independently would be more useful for developing your writing skills.

Critical thinking is something that will help you take from your academic process more as possible. How to develop critical thinking and where to start – all this and even more get from our article.

1. Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

Al Siebert and Mary Karr in their book, The Adult Student's Guide to Survival & Success, consider questioning to be the most effective kind of learning. Do you want to challenge it? Here is a quotation:

"Develop the habit of reading textbooks, taking lecture notes, and studying by asking and answering questions," Siebert writes. "When you do this you save many hours of studying and have time to spend with your family."

When you study independently, right questions will lead you to information and, therefore, to knowledge that isn’t given to you in books and lectures. Learning is always about your curiosity. Therefore, don’t ignore unclear information. Be curious.

2. Research
After you have gathered all questions that are unclear to you, start seeking answers. When you start looking for additional information, don’t just click on the first link. Check out four-five Internet resources, books, lectures, teaching and methodical publications. There you can find different thoughts, ideas, they may be even controversial. But critical thinking is exactly about perceiving different opinions and choosing objective one based on your critical analysis  .

It’s also possible to ask your professors or classmates who are more informed in particular field to explain you something.

3. Open Your Mind

It’s a time to analyze data you have gathered. In our opinion this step is the most difficult and very individual. Therefore, analyzing information is up to you, we won’t tell you particular strategies. The only thing you have to remember is that analyzing data should be conducted when you are not tired, irritated or upset. Your mind must be open. You must be ready to think critically. It’s so essential to be in the right mood!

4. Brainstorm and Work in Team

When you start thinking critically, remember two rules:

1) Try brainstorming to gain a set of thoughts and ideas. Then you will have an opportunity to CHOOSE. Choosing is one of the most useful tools of critical thinking.

2) Learn to work in team where you will definitely get LOTS of different opinions and exactly here you will have a chance to try and test your critical abilities.

Every student thinks critically every day. But the different between professional critical thinking that is useful for your academic process and the one that helps you to choose your outfit is visible and obvious. Thus, don’t hesitate and develop this useful opportunity!
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