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by August
Rated: E · Book · Fantasy · #2076533
A tale about a, truly, gifted orphan
         There had been major upset, in the land of Roland III, a mere age before. War had devastated the kingdom, and many children were left to either be taken care of by kind and giving people, beg for food on the sides of mud riddled streets, or die in the effort to survive on their own. Unfortunately, more oft than not, the latter of the three was prevalent. Food was scarce, settlements were spread at distances that prevented decent communication, and travel was only accomplished in the direst of situations. King Roland II was at his wits end trying to pick up the pieces of his country, and the poor innocents were left to fend for their selves.
         It was during the time that Roland II was succumbing to age and illness that the issue of the children was brought to light. By this time, there was little that the king could oversee due to weakness and frequent fatigue, and Roland III was still in preparation to assume the throne. He had yet to be handed the reins. However, in this instance, he begged his father to give him a free hand. "After all," he argued, "the littles are the future of our land. Without them, we have no kingdom."
         Nodding in agreement with his son's opinion, the king acquiesced, "Do what you feel is necessary."

         The kingdom had been young when the war began, having been established in an area that would benefit the first King Roland's people in easy access to water, plenty of loamy soil for planting, and relatively level land so that travel would be easy should they decide to spread out. He didn't have much of a following; only two to three hundred souls in all; but they were loyal to him. They were the ones who had made him king.
         The land, that Roland and his people had come from, had been ravaged by the battle between two forces that wanted rule. Neither family had any valid claim on the position of King, and neither patriarch had any experience. All either one of them had were a bunch of rough men that were willing to fight to put each one in place on the strength of promises that each had made to his men. Promises of wealth, titled lands, and generous benefits were bandied about to armies of men that were nothing more than mercenaries and bandits. However, as the argument continued, and resources ran dry, it became evident to the fighting forces that their "kings" would never be able to fulfill those promises, and they began fighting for their own selves. Therefore, Roland had gathered his family, and anyone else wanting away from the turmoil, and they set out to establish their own realm. Roland had been unaware that those that had chosen to follow him, in his quest for peaceful living, had also decided to follow him as his loyal subjects; making him King once they were settled.

         It was from the loving, caring, and giving nature of these Rolands that this kingdom grew and thrived.

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