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What motivates you?
Only the elite could survive .. It was natural selection.
Mugule was a perfected woman. She was a citizen
of a perfectly genetically engineered society with superhuman
psychic power.
Their mission was to utterly annihilate imperfect human
thought around the world; the enemy of truth
the purity of knowledge.

They searched the world with their powerful minds,
detecting imperfect thoughts in the savage lands.
Mugule had seen many lands and the planets
in her astral body, but she had never left the comfort of
the citadel .. It was not necessary ; an inferior mind could
be terminated by a physic assault .
Mugule never saw the death she caused.

One extraordinary day Mogule questioned her mission.
She had doubts ...
Politically incorrect thought was immediately addressed
by the collective consciousness of the community.
Mogule stood in the middle of the circle of her citizens
and was evaluated ..
She questioned terminating savages that could be reeducated.

The proposal was considered ~
Why should inferior minds be reeducated?
What use would this expense of time and effort serve?
It was determined that truth did not need to be shared.
The elite would keep the truth and destroy the ignorant.
Mogule was terminated for her deviant thought.

Reflections~ Is the love of knowledge enough?
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#1. Evil must be stopped by any means.+
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