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Rated: 13+ · Book · Romance/Love · #2085331
A Collection of Love Poems
The Day The Sun Came Back
We were all drudging through the week wearing our black and hooded caps. We nodded to each other, no smiles or good morning. We all took our seats, staring as we started another stormy Monday. The mundane emerged and the clocked ticked through long hours of tedious time consuming tiresome tasks. We peered through the windows and waited to see it through the rain drops only to find a pour and a breeze and another gray day. The sighs were random and many for weeks now, no sun, no laughter, no shine.
We awoke to the birds chirping and singing a new song. Our heavy lids lifted to lovely luxurious loving sunlight. Bright beautiful bountiful Sunlight! It was back! We sat up and smiled and cried and rejoiced! The Sun Came Back!!! It's here! We laughed, and loved, and listened and hugged. We were back, like a wave on a high tide clashing to the shore. We smiled and sang, and sipped and shared and sought like the knowing between identical twins leaving caution to no details. We'd huddled and grew and blossomed and bloomed like the flower after the bee's sting and pollen swell. Then our hearts opened and we smelled the dew, the flower scent. We saw the lover in each other and we loved and touched and laughed and caressed and kissed sipped and smiled and sighed. The Sun was Back!!!
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#1. The Day The Sun Came Back
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