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OPEN! Warehouse of Self-Taught Writing.com Lessons, Instructions, & Stuff!
So, Whata IS this WhataLand Warehouse then?
Why, it's a warehouse with of all sorts of information!

WhataLand Images

*Bulletg* Included are little lessons with examples, and some fun more advanced stuff (I need to write MORE)!
*BulletP* There's links to the basic information you'll find all over the site.
*BulletBr* Just trying to give more of a one-on-one approach to helping our newer members.
*BulletO* But not just our newer members-- the WLW &
"WhataLand are also for our older users!

Click here to magically SCROLL down to the 4-1-1
OR just click on the "Start Here! ~ DIRECTORY of LESSONS ~ Start Here!

Me organizing stuff & thoughts sig

How many times have you gone on hiatus, logged on, and realized you've
forgotten how to do WdC things? I know I sure have *Facepalm*

EVERY Writing.com Member IS WELCOME HERE!
(and because the WhataLand sign says so, it must be true)!

So, Once Again, Whata IS this WhataLand?

                                                           *BulletP* A place where you can take back CONTROL!
                                                           *Bulletbr* You can ask questions and get answers. About Whata?
                                                           *Bulleto* About Writing.com (WdC) and how to do nifty stuff around here

Just CLICK on the image below of the WhataLand logo computer *Smile*
See ya'all there!

Yup. It’s a logo!
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Lessons are listed below in alphabetical order NOT by lesson number. *Smile*

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