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"Blogging Circle of Friends" furnishes the prompts & I write about them...

What is Circle Time?
Why did I decide to name this blog after it?...

[C]ircle Time is an activity that is often done in the early grades (usually, from preschool/nursery school through first grade) where the students assemble in a semi-circle facing their teacher who will read a story to them; teach a lesson; listen to them read (either individually or as a group); or any other activity that is more effectively-done in an intimate setting than being spread out at their desks throughout the classroom.

[S]tudents are often divided into two or three groups (in the case of working on reading, math, etc.) so that part of the class is being taught while the other students are doing busy work at their desks.

[I]n some schools, students are grouped according to their progress -- I'm sure you've heard of those kinds of groupings that call each group by the name of a bird species -- but we were called in alphabetical order instead.

[A]nyway...back to how this blog got its name...

[F]or one thing (the most OBVIOUS thing), it's a blog that has been designed with using it to write something using prompts furnished by Blogging Circle of Friends  .

[H]owever, a couple more reasons have to do with Kindergarten -- and, specifically, my Kindergarten days at 29th Street School in Anderson where I could be a handful at times. One shining example of this was how I met my friend, Patty. This story has found a place in my memoirs and has been given the following title:

[T]his was an example of how getting in a little mischief sometimes pays off, because I not only satisfied my curiosity but, also, got a really wonderful friend out of the deal. You know something? I just used a word that reminds me of Patty, and I didn't even mean to do it. Anyway, that just tells me that I need to write a story and call it "How "Big Deal Davis" Got Her Name.

[A]nyway, I remember when Patty and I were out sitting on her porch, and she came up with this really neat game where she said that she would make a scribble for me to turn into a picture. After that, I would make a scribble for her to turn into a picture. And so on and so forth...

[I]n a sense, those scribbles were prompts of sorts given by one person to inspire another one -- which is what's contained in this blog: getting inspiration from things such as quotes; clusters of words; videos; etc. that have been shared with us by another person to get our creative juices going.

[I]nspired by each other's scribbles, Patty and I came up with some pretty unique pictures (at least in our early-grade-school minds).

[A]fter learning this game from Patty, I shared it with some of my other friends and we played it. Quite likely, some of those friends shared the game with others. I have no idea whether this had been a game that Patty had come up with herself or if somebody had taught it to her.

[I]t was, obviously, an activity that was worth sharing with others so that they could join the fun. I hope that reading what I write in this blog will inspire you to want to find out more about B.C.O.F. and join in the fun.

[E]ven if you aren't interested in blogging with us, I hope you'll find this a great place to do some reading!!!

[W]armly --
AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan! *Delight*

[P.S. -- ]
[B]e sure to check out the blog and the invitation below:

TY Very Much 4 Reading My Tiny Tidbits!  (13+)
What's this blog all about?.......You'll have to go to it if you want to find out!!!
#2133943 by AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!

*ButterflyB*And so ends the Introduction to the blog...
Therefore, the next thing you might want to do is to start reading it...
Does that make sense to you?...
Hope so...
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