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by Liana
Rated: ASR · Book · Western · #2121588
Here I will post writings, poetry, thoughts and short stories

The church was dark, only the light from the midday sun shone through the windows above the parish. The man in the front row sat with his head bowed. The padre knew there was no prayer involved but solace from the fighting that had ravaged the village in the past 8 days.
"David," the padre said placing his hand on the man's shoulder "there is forgiveness for all the sins committed by the men you seek vengeance on."
Without raising his head, the man responded in a low, gruff voice.
"A mí pertenece la venganza y la recompensa; Su pie se deslizará a su debido tiempo; porque el día de su calamidad está cerca, y las cosas que vendrán sobre ellos se precipitarán."
The priest, clad in white, stepped back, removing his hand from the man's shoulder as he stood and placed his hat on his head.
"Dios te bendiga padre. Ore por mí mientras busco venganza en aquellos que hacen daño a otros."
"David, you can still be redeemed from sin." The father called after him.
The church doors opened and light flooded in. David raised his head and saw the silhouette of four men.
"¡Venga, cobarde! ¡No hay redención aquí! ¡La iglesia no puede salvarte de tu muerte!" Came the call from the man in the middle.
"Soy un siervo de Dios y tú eres el siervo de la serpiente el diablo. ¡Estoy aquí para salvar a esta ciudad de tus malas acciones!" David answered.
"You speak good Spanish for a gringo no?" The man said with a laugh.
David raised his head and looked at the four men at the church doors.
"I am not here to save myself from you, but to save you from me. Leave this town and never come back. I give you until sundown."
David lowered his head and pulled his pocket watch from his vest.
"You have 5 hours El Malhechor." He followed.
El Malhechor laughed.
"You have two hours El Bendecido." His thick Mexican accent laced with anger. " I will see you at the noon hour and I will kill you before all the people you hold so dear. If you don't come, I will come, and I will kill your friend the padre and you will watch him die."

To be continued.........
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