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A vision for a radically alternative Roman Empire.
This is my entry for the 2017 "A Whole New World" contest. The idea is that, over the next six months, I will create my own fictional setting, writing up notes on various aspects of environment, history and culture, based on whatever prompts I get given. At the end, I will write a short story that incorporates all this information, with plot and characters still to be determined at this point.

As a brief introduction, my entry is 'Pax Machina', an alternative history scenario that posits a Roman-era industrial revolution. The project is set around 200AD, a little over a century into the new timetime, and the Empire is...kinda different. It's still Ancient Rome, with all that entails, but much has changed, and is still changing.

And unlike my attempt at last year's contest, I may actually finish this one. Here's hoping.

(Note #1: as per the contest rules, I have drawn a map to accompany the project. It's available as "Pax Machina, though I should note that it's only a rough outline at this point, and is likely to change as things go on.)

(Note #2: the contest wound up being abandoned shortly after month three, for reasons I'm still not sure of. I eventually decided to finish my entries anyway, simply because I don't like leaving things unresolved. I may get to the short story part at some point, but frankly, even I don't think that's particularly likely.)
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