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Rated: 13+ · Book · Thriller/Suspense · #2135747
A 21st Century world, where Aztec human sacrifices are generally accepted as a necessity.
Chapter 1

Beneath the heavy tropic sun, four bare breasted teenage girls stood upon the apex of the Gran Teochacali of Oaxaca, Mexico. They held down the bare breasted, blonde, 18 year old Valerie Wallace, who lay on her back, across the waist high stone of sacrifice. Each girl tightly gripped one of her arms or legs.

Cacique Ramierez stood above them, behind the sacred stone, adorned in priestly garments and a headdress of radiating peacock feathers. He held a brightly polished, sharp obsidian dagger, raised high.

The Teochacali in Oaxaca was a four sided, two story high, flat topped, stepped pyramid. A grand stairway ascended along its front, from the landscaped grounds to the platform at the top of the structure.

Blonde haired Valerie was among this squad of twelve girls in their mid to late teens who'd climbed to the top of the Teochacali. They wore very short bright colored skirts, embroidered with Aztec Glyph patterns. The garments hung from their waists to the tops of their thighs. They also wore sandals and nothing above their belts, except headbands illustrated with bright colored glyphs. A single peacock feather rose up from the backs of their headbands.

When they'd arrived at the top of the structure, they'd gathered around the waist high stone of sacrifice. The girl to be sacrificed was then chosen at random from among them. The chosen one was Valerie Wallace.

The four girls standing on either side of her had grabbed Valerie and now held her down across the Sacred Stone. The remaining girls moved away from the sacred stone, to the back of the platform, leaving a clear open view for everyone who'd gathered in the Plaza Sacredo below.

Now Cacique Ramierez brought the blade down quick, slashing Valerie open between her breasts.

She cried out, while Juanita, the girl gripping her left arm, told her "This is to keep the world intact!"

The Cacique reached through the gash and gripped her beating heart tight.

The girl gripping her right arm, named Yolanda, told her, "You're helping keep 100,000 people alive!"

The Cacique yanked the girl's heart out, and raised it high beneath the tropic sun. Then he moved between the Sacrificial Stone and the edge of the platform, and placed her still beating heart in the bowl on the Chac Mool, where it continued to throb.

He called out "La Senorita Valerie Wallace is sacrificed! All is right with the world!"

The thousands who'd gathered below in the Plaza Sacredo began to cheer. All eleven girls who'd climbed up the steps with Valerie now stood behind the stone of sacrifice, where they also began to cheer.

As her heart continued throbbing, the altar, sacrificial stone, the entire Teochacali, the Plaza Sacredo and the entire surrounding city trembled slightly, as a minor earthquake struck. The shaking lasted for just a few seconds. Then things settled down. There had been no damage, and no one was harmed. The crowd began to disperse.

Cacique Ramierez and the four girls, all looked at the slashed open bare breasted Valerie Wallace, lying dead atop the Stone of Sacrifice, as a sign of assurance that all was well in La Ciudad de Oaxaca.

"Is all really well?" He wondered. "A minor earthquake at the moment after she was sacrificed? Was this tremor a warning?"

Valerie's heart, which continued beating beneath the heavy sun, suddenly ceased to throb.

Now all eleven girls began impatiently fidgeting, waiting for the ceremony to be concluded, so they'd finally be dismissed.

Cacique Ramierez' daughter Juanita gazed out across the Plaza Sacredo, watching the dispersing crowd below, while cars, trucks and buses made their way along the surrounding crowded streets. Many in the crowd, who'd placed bets on which maiden would be sacrificed, headed toward the Aztec Lottery Office. The establishment was open across the street from the opposite end of the Plaza.

Juanita's gaze focused on one group of a dozen Mexican girls down in the Plaza. These girls weren't dispersing. They were moving north across the Plaza Sacredo, toward the Teochacali.

She stopped fidgeting and spoke with annoyance. "There is Senora Martinez with her renegade Sacrificial Maidens. They may try to force us to go out on strike!"

The other ten fidgeting girls beside her stopped fidgeting.

Her friend Pilar told her, "Then let's let them know that we won't!"

The other girls nodded and spoke in agreement.

Cacique Ramierez raised his hand. "Silencio!"

The girls all quieted down.

He spoke. "The Sacrifice is completed. El Teochaco is satisfied. Your willingness to die as she did is valued as greatly as her actual death. Now go and face life, with the same courage which you faced death. Gracias Senoritas. Adios."

The girls spoke in unison. "Gracias Cacique. Adios."

Now the girls quickly moved out from behind the sacrificial stone, and gathered at the top of the grand stairway, looking down where Juanita pointed, among the people in the Plaza Sacredo.

"That's them." She said.

Cacique Ramierez came up beside her. He asked, "Are you going to be having a brawl?"

"Si Papa." She grinned and nodded, as did all the girls beside her.

"To the death?"

"Of course we will."

The girls all chuckled nervously.

"After all," his daughter went on, "today is New Years Day, which is a day of many sacrifices, and those renegades are sacrificial maidens too, aren't they?"

"True." He agreed, "And none of you would be much of a sacrificial maiden, if you weren't ready to die to keep the sacrifices going, and keep the world intact."

"Very well compadres!" Juanita said, "Let's keep the world intact!"

The girls began descending the broad grand stairway, while they chanted, "Let's keep the world intact! Let's keep the world intact! Let's keep the world intact! Let's keep the world..."

Local people and tourists who were strolling around the Plaza, heard and saw the squad of eleven loudly chanting maidens quickly descending from the top of the Teochacali.

A man said, "They're looking for trouble."

A grandmother sneered, "Those Sacrificial Maidens are a bunch of spoiled, selfish, shameless, lazy putas! They think they can get away with anything!"

Parents now grabbed their children, and moved back from the north end of the Plaza. They hurried a safe distance away from the other squad of a dozen renegade teenage girls. This squad stood silently waiting on the north end of the Plaza, with their hands on their hips, or arms folded, and smirking sneers on their faces.

Juanita and her Sacrificial Maidens dressed in only their short skirts and sandals now reached the Teochacali's grounds. They headed across the street, then into the Plaza, going straight toward the defiantly waiting renegade girls, who wore slacks and sneakers, along with light blouses or halters.

A man in the surrounding crowd spoke with a chuckling tone. "Those two squads of Sacred Maidens are going to be brawling, right in front of us!"

"Si." Another man spoke with excitement. "And that squad's boobs are all naked! That means it will be a fight to the death!"

Now Juanita and the others, who'd just risked being sacrificed atop the Teochacali, walked up to the renegade girls and halted. Juanita stood two steps away from the renegades' leader.

"My name is Juanita Ramierez." She announced, "I am the daughter of the Cacique of this Teochacali. I am also El Jefe of this Squad of Sacrificial Maidens. She is Pilar. She is Isabela and she is Yolanda."

"Hola." The renegades' leader, a woman in her early twenties said, "I am Senora Martinez. I am El Jefe of these Sacrificial Maidens. We, like all of you, are not being compensated for our services, as much as we deserve. So we are calling for a general strike, of all Sacrificial Maidens."

The girls in Juanita's squad looked at each other uneasily.

"A general strike?" Juanita said, "But if none of us get sacrificed, the whole world would be put in danger of major catastrophes; like earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, and all kinds of natural and manmade disasters. For Sacrificial Maidens to go on a general strike would be unbelievably irresponsible!"

"We are not being irresponsible." Senora Martinez said, "None of those things will have to happen, as long as we receive the compensation that we truly deserve for our services."

"What we 'truly deserve'?" Pilar laughed. "Our 'services'? All we are required to do is show up for the sacrifice, about once a month, then stand in line and not be the one who gets killed. Then all of us, who haven't been sacrificed, receive a very generous compensation for risking death."

One of the renegade girls wore a purple tee-shirt with the words "Daughters of Jephthah" printed on the front.

She called out, "But it just isn't enough!"

"The entire ceremony takes much less than a half hour, out of one day a month!" Pilar asked her, "How much do you expect to get paid? If any of you want more money, why don't you just get yourself a real job?"

The girl called out, "Are you calling us lazy?"

"Well, are you trying to get by on a Sacrificial Maiden's compensation, until the next sacrifice?"

The girl said, "Everything keeps getting more and more expensive, so we need the increase."

Now Juanita spoke. "Just by talking about going on strike, you are already endangering us. Did you see what just happened, the moment after the girl up on the Teochacali was sacrificed? There was a minor earthquake. My Papa, the Cacique wondered if Los Teochacos meant that as a warning. I believe it was. I believe it was a warning to all of you, who want us all to go out on strike."

Senora Martinez asked, "Then all of you refuse to join us?"

"That's right." Juanita nodded. "What we should be doing is sacrificing several of you, as an act of contrition, for your offending El Teochaco."

The renegade girls began to move, preparing to fight; so did Juanita's girls. Senora Martinez pulled a sacred obsidian dagger from her belt, pointing the blade at Juanita's breasts.

She told Juanita, "You are the ones whose boobs are naked on an official day of sacrifice. That means that you are the ones who are ready to die as sacrifices."

"True." Juanita told her, "We are. Are you?"

"Just give us a moment."

Senora Martinez reached behind her back, and unsnapped her halter. Then she removed the garment dropping it to the ground, and stood bare breasted in front of them. All the renegade girls also removed their halter-tops, blouses, tee-shirts and bras, dropping them to the ground.

There were sounds of approval from the surrounding crowd.

Each renegade girl now stood there, also holding a sacred obsidian dagger.

"All right then." Senora Martinez announced, "All our boobs are naked in both squads. Let's get started."

"Wait!" Pilar raised her hand. "You have weapons. We are unarmed."

Senora Martinez nodded. "We will wait."

Then Pilar and her friend Yolanda hurried away from the crowd, crossed the street, went back onto the Teochacali's grounds, and around the side of the temple. Many of the local people and tourists who'd been strolling around the Plaza, were now gathered around both squads of sacred maidens, ready to be entertained by the hopefully deadly, sexy brawl.

Pilar and Yolanda quickly returned in about two minutes. One carried six sacred obsidian daggers, while the other carried five, which they distributed to all the Sacred Maidens in Juanita's squad.

Senora Martinez said, "If you are now ready, so are we."

"Very well then." Juanita turned around and faced the ten girls in her squad. She called out, "Let the sacrifices begin!"

Then the daughter of Cacique Ramierez spun around in a rapid whirl, using the full force of her momentum, to ram her tightly gripped obsidian dagger, into Senora Martinez' chest. The woman cried out for a moment. Then she collapsed.

The Jefe of the renegade sacred maidens now lay dead on the pavement inside the Plaza Sacredo. The glistening, polished, black stone handle of the dagger, stuck out from between her naked breasts.

All the sacred maidens in both squads remained still, tightly gripping their sacred daggers.

Juanita called out "The maiden is sacrificed! All is right with the world!"

The girls in both squads replied in unison, "Ole!"

Now the local people and tourists who had gathered around the girls began murmuring.

A tourist from north of the border spoke with disappointment, "I thought we were gonna be watching them all have a major, bare boob brawl to the death."

Juanita looked at him. "We have just conducted a sacrifice, and in every sacrifice, only one maiden is killed."

The maidens all nodded, but the crowd groaned in disappointment.

Now the girl who'd removed her Daughter of Jephthah tee-shirt called out. "But that doesn't mean we can't beat them the hell out of them!"

Yolanda called out "Right!"

Then with a roaring howl, Juanita's girls and the renegades rushed together and began brawling wildly, while many local people and tourists cheered. Many of the tourists used their cellphone cameras to record the "Bare breasted bloodthirsty babes, brawling to the death."

The cameras recorded videos and snapshots of the girls fiercely stabbing and punching each other, in their faces and boobs, along with kicking other parts of their bodies, while howling and cursing in an echoing roar. The brawl lasted about ten minutes. When it ended, several more bare breasted girls from each squad of sacred maidens lay dead on the pavement of the Plaza Sacredo, with sacred daggers stuck deep inside them. One of them was the renegade Daughter of Jephthah. Another stabbed dead girl was Juanita's friend Isabela.

Then both squads of sacred maidens dispersed. Juanita, Pilar and Yolanda now returned to the Teochacali grounds, limping, bruised, bleeding and laughing. Cacique Ramierez stood waiting for them at the foot of the grand stairway.

"Happy New Year Papa!" Juanita chuckled with a hoarse voice. "Four of those renegade putas are sacrificed, and so were three of us. We Sacred Maidens of Oaxaca won't be joining in any Strike. Today we have kept the world intact, and tonight we senoritas will be going out to celebrate and getting muy mucho boracho!"

Yolanda added, "We will also be meeting macho hombres, but we will be good girls!"
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