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Rated: 13+ · Book · Fantasy · #2138603
A young man deals with the teenage problems of relationships, family, and elementals
         Life has already been rough for Leonidas Cayle. Forced to move away from his home to Seattle, he must now deal with a new city, new people, and the same family. But something isn't right in these famous streets, and soon Leo is caught up in a conflict set beyond the average scope of humanity. Now he must trust new allies, harness new abilities, and fight an unseen war. And all this alongside high school and the stress of everyday family drama. Sometimes it's not so bad being normal. (Work in Progress)
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 14.66k
Chapter 2 Chapter 2 16.18k
Chapter 3 Chapter 3 24.27k
Chapter 4 Chapter 4 10.89k
Chapter 5 Chapter 5 11.46k
Chapter 6 Chapter 6 22.99k
Chapter 7 Chapter 7 28.06k
Chapter 8 Chapter 8 30.13k
Chapter 9 Chapter 9 20.67k
Chapter 10 Chapter 10 19.58k

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