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by LyndaC
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ATLANTIS IS DEAD...But her daughter-cities live! PREPARE for the Triple Rising (Completed)
COPYRIGHT © 2017 by Lynda Coker

The J.E.T.S. Equation - Sitnalta - THE GUARDIAN - Book One

ATLANTIS IS DEAD...But her daughter-cities live!

The hidden, undersea city of Sitnalta is one of three Daughter-Cities of Atlantis; the other two reside only in legend and ancient prophecy. These ancient writings speak of a Prime Genesis, and ten powerful artifacts of JATAR. The Sitnaltians believe the ultimate hope for saving all humanity from pending extinction lies in finding these hidden cities and discovering their powerful treasures. To accomplish this, they initiate the Gathering. In doing so, they catapult eight young adults into a destiny undreamt-of. Will they survive? Will they prove worthy of their choosing? The outlook is bleak. With few options and little time, only one thread of hope emerges. Atlantis' last prophecy becomes all humanities' call-to-action.

Sisters bow down in grief.
The light of the Twin Worlds flicker.
The least becomes high.
The bonding prevails.
Salvation lies in the Ring-of-Fire.
Prepare for the Triple Rising.
JAG: A New York City 'Bad Boy' with no aspirations. He's a loner who doesn't get involved and never risks his heart - The Reluctant Hero
SEMYLYN: A trained leader born with an inheritance that disappears before her eyes. - The Crusader
TROYAK: A worrior tormented by a love he can never possess.- The Defender
ALEXANDRIA: A disciplined Air Force Academy Cadet with the soul of a princess. - The Balancer
JIMMY DON: A Texas charmer - The Facilitator
MIDORI: A delinquent from Chicago - The Athlete
PIERSON: A rich kid from Boston - The Strategist
KELLY: A shy introvert from Arkansas - The Healer

This story is about eight very special young adults who, at the age of eighteen years, will be launched from their ordinary lives into an unprecedented set of circumstances. Their personal dreams and hopes for the futures, including their free will, have all but vanished. How will they change? Will they become friends or enemies? Will they find love amidst chaos? What sacrifices will they have to make? Only time will tell...
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Book One - The JETS Equation - Sitnalta - The Guardian (Loaded in November, 2017)

Book Two - The JETS Equation - Sitnalta - The Gathering (Coming in 2018)

Book Three - The JETS Equation - Sitnalta - The Alliance (Coming in 2018)

THE J.E.T.S. EQUATION - PART TWO - To be announced
THE J.E.T.S. EQUATION - PART THREE - To be announced

When completed, this epic fantasy will consists of nine sections/books - three to each part. There is a lot of adventure ahead. I hope you'll take a seat, buckle up, and get ready to Prepare For The Triple Rising...


TARGET AUDIENCE: For this series my primary focus audience is YA/Teens. However, my overall goal is to write in such a way as to engage an adult audience, as well, allowing this series to 'crossover' in the reading market.

* The sorting wont stay in the correct order. There seems to be a glitch. Try sorting "newest last". That works for me but I have to do it each time. Sorry for the chapter numbering confusion.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chapter Seventeen - (The End) 14.14k
Chapter 2 Chapter Sixteen 6.69k
Chapter 3 Chapter Fifteen 9.31k
Chapter 4 Chapter Fourteen 9.04k
Chapter 5 Chapter Thirteen 10.66k
Chapter 6 Chapter Twelve 9.54k
Chapter 7 Chapter Eleven 7.64k
Chapter 8 Chapter Ten 3.59k
Chapter 9 Chapter Nine 7.99k
Chapter 10 Chapter Eight 10.22k
Chapter 11 Chapter Seven 15.99k
Chapter 12 Chapter Six 16.33k
Chapter 13 Chapter Five 13.48k
Chapter 14 Chapter Four 12.72k
Chapter 15 Chapter Three 5.68k
Chapter 16 Chapter Two 11.25k
Chapter 17 Chapter One 9.95k

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