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by Annwid
Rated: E · Book · Dark · #2147713
A man stumbles into upon a secret cellar.
A man is suffering from memory loss. As he is trying to figure out his lost past, He stumble upon a strange room that is connected to his bedroom in a Victoria mansion. The only thing he has brought with him from his past is a set of keys he doesn't know what they are for.

Opening the secret door from his bedroom, Scott found himself in what seemed to be a some kind of passageway.He hesitated for a minute, before taking a few steps that seemed to be going downwards. Wishing he had a flashlight, he turned back opening the door a crack to light his way and used the wall as a guild as he made his way down the dark the narrow walkway. Finally reaching the end he came to a large wooded door the was shut. It took some strength but he managed to pull the latch and pushed open the door.

The heavy wooden door squeaked in the night, killing the silence around him and he hesitated not wanting the others to hear him. Assured that all was quiet he opened the door further. The musty smell was what hit him first as Scott pushed opened the door and took a few cautious steps into a small dark room. Once inside, he stopped and looked around. 'What is this place' he whispered in to the dam dusky air. There was nothing familiar in the room would spark his any of his memories. It was empty.

Looking around the dimly lit room, he noticed two small windows that looked partly boarded and sat high above the wall beside him. Something caught his eye and he squinted into the shadows to catch a glimpse of what might be there. As his eyes adjusted better to the light he saw a narrow desk that was perched against the wall opposite the windows and small wooden chair, that had seen better days, was pulled out like someone was inviting him to take seat. He stared at the chair for a moment contemplating his next move until he saw something on the floor in front of him. As he moved closer, he could see it was a large chest. It looked ancient, like it had seen a few hundred years. Curiosity got the best of him and he made his way toward it, his eyes narrowing as he got closer. 'What the...' he spoke into the air around him.

Kneeling down, he braced his elbows on his knees to keep his balance as he inspected it closer. Just by looking at it, he could tell it was heavy and not from this time with metal casting over wood that it was old and musty like it had seen too many days in the dark. He reached out and tried to move it but it wouldn't budge and he wondered what was inside. He went to open it he realized it was locked. 'Shit' he swore softly. Scott held the metal lock in his hand tiring to pull at it. Nothing! He stared at the lock and wished he had a key. Frustrated, he slammed the ancient lock back down letting it hit the wood with a loud thud. He rose, making he way to the table to look for a the key. Nothing sat on the table top but some years old dust and a few dead spiders. He slipped his hands into his pockets and stood there for a moment looking around trying to figure out where to get the key. Giggling his own keys around in his pocket until he pulled them out. He stared down at them for along time then looked over at the chest, realizing he may have the key. He hastily made his way to the chest and slipped a key inside. Nothing. Then another and after trying each one to no avail. None of his keys fit? 'Huh...strange' They were again, useless to him. 'What the hell are these things for' he whispered in frustrated as he stood. Slamming the lock back down against the wood.

But what ever the case "Someone doesn't want anyone to know what's in this chest,"He whispered against the musty air around him. Taking one more look around he stood, making his way to the door and quietly slipped out and into the corridor swearing that what ever it took he was going to get that chest open.
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