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Elora returns to L.A to find out who is after her and whose behind dangerous activities.
         Disappearing fifteen years ago after the death of her best friend Micah, Elora has returned to Devils Falls a supernatural community hidden deep in the heart of L.A. Someone is after her, and they know her habits. Her return to L.A brings her back in contact with Greyson Black, Micah's oldest brother. The dark, commanding, alpha Limikkin wore power like a cloak, and she responded to it. Not like she’d ever admit it.

        The last person Greyson expected to sweep back into his life was the woman who had walked away after his brother died. Best friend to his brother, and engaged to a male who would never know her worth, she was the one woman he couldn't have. He wanted her badly, and it nearly consumed him. Someone is after her and she needs his help. Adding to Elora’s situation, someone is killing people in his club and threatening to expose them to humans.
         The more time they spend together the more out of control their passion for each other blazes threatening to explode, or tie them together forever. For the first time in his life, he can see a future with one woman and one woman only. He'll do everything in his power to convince her they're meant to be.
A familiar enemy arises threatening Elora's life and everything Greyson holds dear. In order to survive she must trust the one man who has the power to shatter her heart. Is she willing to risk everything for the only man she has ever really loved or will she let a painful past dictate her future?

*Note: Book completely written. Editing and posting in process*

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